Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

February 24, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

The Board of Education provides a "Board Meeting Summary" after each Board meeting. The summary includes a brief description of the main topics and action items. These summaries are not meant to replace minutes. The minutes for each meeting are approved and posted after the next regularly scheduled meeting. We hope these summaries provide some basic information and context around the reports, presentations and action items. For the full packet of information including presentations and reports, Click Here.

Meetings are video streamed live online and the videos are archived on the District website, Click Here.

In Attendance

President Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jessica Buttimer, Bruce Currie, Ted Estes, Guillermo Guzman, Julie Hill

Student Board Members - Abigail Herbold and Ashlynn Kousgaard

Superintendent Report | watch

Strategic Planning

Superintendent provided an update on the strategic planning process and presented a video with more information. All District 41 community members are invited to participate in two focus groups:

  • Wednesday, March 18 at 7 p.m., Hadley Junior High

  • Wednesday, May 13 at 7 p.m., Hadley Junior High

Board Reports |

Student Board Member Reports |

Public Participation | watch

Presentations | watch

  • Churchill School Improvement Plan
    Principal Rachel Solomon introduced two students who shared their experiences at school. One shared in English and the other in Spanish. Mrs. Solomon reported on school data and culture. The Board asked questions and thanked all for contributing to the many successes at Churchill School including the substantial academic growth seen across all grades and programs this year.
    Click Here for the presentation.


  • Auditor Services Recommendation | watch
    Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Facilities and Operations Eric DePorter explained that we put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for audit services. He presented information about the various responses and the process to select a firm.
  • 2020 Capital Project Plan Update | watch
    Mr. DePorter gave an update on the five-year capital plan, specifically for 2020. District 41 is now working with architects to start the process of going out to bid for the projects. Two project estimates are higher than originally budgeted. The Board asked questions and reviewed options for moving forward.
  • Board Policy Revisions | watch
    Board member and Board Policy Committee member Mrs. Buttimer presented a number of changes proposed to District 41 policies. Legal council will be contacted regarding these proposed changes and then they will come back to the Board for additional discussion.
  • Board Meeting Rules of Order | watch
    Board members requested edits to a new Rules of Order proposal. The new draft has been provided to the Board and they discussed the proposed changes.

Action Items | watch

Consent Agenda
Personnel Report

Finance, Facilities and Operations

Board Meeting Minutes

Superintendent Recommendations | watch

  • Approve Student Fees for 2020-2021 School Year
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Currie, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
  • Approve Auditor Services Recommendation
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Currie, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
  • Board Policy Revisions - Second Reading and Adoption
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
    (Voted No: Currie)
  • Motion to Table Policy Exhbit
    Policy exhibit pulled at the request of Mr. Loebach. Board members discussed changing the wording to include all communications, not just social media. Motion was tabled for additional review. (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Currie, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
  • Board Meeting Rules of Order
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
    (Voted No: Currie)

Other/Board Governance - Learning Together | watch
Mr. Estes asked how the Board would go about working together to draft a letter to the governor on legislative related topics. Mrs. Hill offered to draft a letter.

Future Agenda Items | watch

Mr. Loebach asked to discuss the topic of confidentiality of legal advice to the Board. Mr. Loebach also asked that legal counsel be included in the discussion.


Monday, March 9, 2020 | Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Monday, March 23, 2020 | Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.