John Winthrop's Life

by: John winthrop

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I john winthrop have decided to release this to record my accomplishments in history. The book is based on my journey of life and all I have done in my past years begging in 1588 when I became a member of the english landed gentry and finish in 1649 when i lead the great migration. This book will give you a better understanding of the Massachusets bay colony, the Great Migration and much more that i have accomplished in the past years.

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reviews and ratings :

Janet Wilson 'Monroe High School ' :

"This book is an amazing book if you need to know any information about John Winthrop. I wrote a 2 page essay and my only resource was this book . favorite book ever" rating : 5/5

shawn Morrison 'porter Ridge high school' :

i was assigned this book for my american history class and I nedded to read it and then answer 30 questions. while reading this book it felt more like Winthrop himself was telling me his a story of his whole life. it was very entertaining. rating : 4.5/5

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