Frank Lloyd Wright

by Jack Langle

Who is Frank Lloyd Wright?

Frank Lloyd Wright was a world famous architect of the late 19th century and first half of the 20th. He was born on June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin to his father, William Carey Wright, a preacher and musician and his mother, Anna Lloyd Jones, a school teacher. Through Wright’s young life he moved a lot until he was 12 when he and his family settled in Madison, Wisconsin.

How was he Inspired in his Work?

Wright loved Wisconsin where he grew up for most of his life, and he often would reminisce of the beautiful Wisconsin landscape he fell in love with. Nature, like Wisconsin’s would later be fused with his designs, as Wright loved to bring nature into his work.

Life After High School

When Wright graduated high school his dad left his family. Wright then went on the the University of Wisconsin to study. Wright though dropped out of college after only a year. Wright then moved to Chicago and became an apprentice at the architectural firm of Alder and Sullivan. Louis Sullivan of Alder and Sullivan known as, “The Father of Skyscrapers” soon became the mentor of Wright. Sullivan helped inspire Wright’s later “Prairie School” design. Wright would work with Sullivan at Alder and Sullivan for about 5 years until he was fired for breaking his contract.

Starting is own Firm and Later Life

After Wright left Alder and Sullivan, he started his own architecture firm. Wright then, at his own firm designed many famous building for many years. Then, after he built Taliesin West, a residence and studio in Arizona, thought to be an architectural masterpiece, Wright, peacefully seemed to retire in the early 1930s at the beginnings of the Great Depression. Then, one day, Wright came back onto the scene out of almost no where when he designed arguably his most famous building, Falling Water for the rich Kaufmann family of Pittsburg.

Wright's Influence on Culture:

Frank Lloyd Wright - the Greatest American Architect of All Time - Life and Impact

Frank Lloyd Wright Works:

Death and Legacy

Wright would pass away on April 9, 1959 at the age of 91 in Arizona. He is remembered as one of the worlds best architects of the 20th century. Wright would design over 1,100 buildings and introduce America to a type of design prided today, called, Prairie School.