Warriors at Home

Standard Middle School - March 20, 2020

We may not be in school, but... the learning doesn't stop! We Got This! This week's theme is READING!

A New Reality - We Got This!

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We know that these are unusual times for all of us. We appreciate you and know that the next few weeks may be a struggle. Know that we are thinking about every student during this time. We miss your children! Hopefully, this newsletter will help you better understand what you can do from home during this period of remote learning.

Each week we will send you a newsletter with ideas and activities for the week. School departments and teachers will share notes here as well as in their own Google Classrooms.

We encourage you to set aside time, for example: two hour-long blocks of time, each day for learning, and, to the best of your ability, stay consistent with these blocks of time for as long as we're out of school. The structure and consistency will help your student.

Have your student login to their school account through CLASSLINK. Here is a link on how to do that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n15Lfirj3iJTSj7Frvp2y-7swl2G7jDr/view

Remember that every Standard School site is serving lunches to students under 18 (must be present) from 10:30-12:30 Monday through Friday.

Weekly Photo Challenge! Each week we'll post a photo we'd like you take of your student and/or family doing the activity posted. You can share back to my email (sdenton@standardschools.net), or to Twitter by using the #StandardWarriorPhotoChallenge or tag us @StandardWarrior. We will share out your photos through social media.

  • Challenge for March 20-26: READING! Share a photo of you reading and list the title and author. Your teachers will be doing the same!

You are in our thoughts and we are here to help! You may email staff for specific questions, or you may email me and I'll direct you to support. My email address is: sdenton@standardschools.net.

Stay well, stay healthy, stay positive. We are all in this together!

Sending my best to you,

Susan Denton



Principal Denton's message: 3-17-2020

Click the Links Below for Online Resources!

English Lanugage Arts Department

SMS's ELA department has been posting assignments and messages to our students in Google Classroom. Also, Lexia PowerUP is recommended 15-25 minutes a day as well as the posted assignments, and the 7th/8th grade packets given out by the District Office.

-Capela, Kerr, Casselman, Ince, Wong, Watkins, Santillan, Pratt, Bermea, Mullich, Rogers, Segundo


STUDENTS: Go online and check your Google Classroom for Assignments from your specific teachers.

-Cavazos, Decker, Harwell, Parra, Young, Samari, Aranda, Gusman, Kaff, Rascoe, Carter

At Home, here are some other math activities you can do. As with writing, choose two of these activities to do each day.

  1. Make a map of a room in your home
  2. Build towers and measure them
  3. Give your child a pre-determined weight or measurement and challenge them to find objects in the home that are that length/measurement and then check their accuracy.
  4. Play the Yes/No game. 2 Players. Use slips of paper or index cards and draw simple shapes or write numbers on them. Each player takes a card from the pile (face down) and holds it over their head. The object is to guess what's on your card, using only Yes or No questions (ex. Am I more than 10? Am I less than 15?). Keep asking questions until you get it correct.
  5. Play 24. Write down four numbers under 10, and try to make them add up to 24 using any mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.) Write down all the solutions you come up with.


The 8th Grade Science team has posted the following assignments in STEMscopes:

Segment: Sustaining Local and Global Biodiversity

Scope: Human Impact on the Environment

  • Explore 1: Tuva—Air Pollution and Human Population from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Explore 3: Engineering Solution—Protect and Monitor from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Picture Vocabulary from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Content Connections Video—A History of Mass Extinctions from Human Impact on the Environment
  • STEMscopedia from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Concept Review Game from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Math Connections from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Reading Science A—The Dust Bowl from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Science Today - Read It! from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Career Connections—Civil Engineer from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Data Literacy—Air Quality and Weather in 4 US States from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Scientist Spotlight—Mario Molina (1943–present) from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Concept Attainment Quiz from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Claim-Evidence-Reasoning from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Open-Ended Response Assessment from Human Impact on the Environment
  • Multiple Choice Assessment from Human Impact on the Environment

According to our STEMscopes Teacher's Planning Guides, these assignments represent approximately 7 hours worth of work for students, which should last them at least until next Friday, 3/27 (assuming 51 minute periods).

Additionally, a modified version of the document that Caitlin created has been posted to our Google Classrooms that has links to additional Science websites, videos, and other resources for students and parents to use.

-Albitre, Coppola, Sanders, Gage, Williams

From 6th Grade-Mr. Samari

Hey Students,

I miss you all already. So many of you have worked very hard to master 6th grade math. I am very excited to say that several of you have accomplished this task to date, and many more of you are on your way. For all of you, including those that want help during these times, I am going to pick up where we left off in our math instruction from a week ago.. My goal is to assist you at whatever level you find yourself. If you are at level, or above, with the standards, this is an excellent opportunity to ensure mastery of 6th grade math. If you really could use some help with the basics...this is an even better opportunity for you to catch up with my help. Grading will only be used to determine your skill level and will not count as a grade. With that said, I challenge you all to take advantage of this opportunity to help you learn and grow in math. Each week will be filled with fun and exciting ways to learn. Your Google Classroom codes are listed below. Please sign up before this Monday (3/23/20). If you do not have computer access, you can pick up a ChromeBook from the Standard School District Office (located on the corner of N. Chester Ave. and Ferguson St.). I'm looking forward to working with you all.


Mr. Samari

Mr. Samari: Math.

Period 1-Google Class Code: dajhlce

Period 3-Google Class Code: a2nabro


Library and Reading

Many of you are probably aware that there are a lot of free ebooks out there for your students. While not everyone has a Kindle or access to a laptop almost everyone has a smartphone these days. With a simple app on your phone you can be reading. I'm including a list of places in case you didn't know of them. Enjoy.

Don't forget that our library has a Google classroom too with puzzles, worksheets, newsletters and I'll see what else I can put on there while we're out.

Here's a list of 11 places where you can find a wealth of free e-books (yes, free e-books!). (article from Mashable)

The Kern County Library has an online library also. ELibrary is easy to access with multiple digital platforms including audio books and movies. They have really stepped up their game in this department and have a lot of children's books and teen books available. You must have a Kern County Library card but that is available by calling or filling it out online. Just renewed mine online last week. Had to wait a day or two but right now that's a minor inconvenience.

Another great app that I am enjoying immensely right now is Duolingo. It's free if you don't mind the ads and there are so many languages you can be learning in an engaging environment.

Hope this helps.


Amanda Kramer, media clerk, Standard Middle School Library

Reading (Weekly Photo Challenge) #StandardWarriorPhotoChallenge

Your child should either read independently for two 20-minute sessions per day, or listen to an audiobook or be read to. Any reading material is fine, as long as you feel it's appropriate. If your child struggles with five or more words on the page, then the selection is too difficult.

* Reading and writing can be in English, or in your home language, or in a combination.

SHARE A PHOTO OF YOU READING! LIST TITLE AND AUTHOR :0) Use the #StandardWarriorPhotoChallenge in your social media posts. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Writing Activities about Home

Either choose a school notebook for use as a Writing Journal (it's ok if there are other things in there), or staple paper together. Each day, your child should choose two activities from the list (it's fine to repeat activities). How long should the piece of writing be? Whatever your child is able to comfortably write in a 20-minute session. It will be different from child to child.
  1. Pick a room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, family room, even bathroom!) and describe your dream version of it. What would it look like? What would it have in it?
  2. Write a conversation between two people in your home, or two imaginary people, where one person is surprised by something in the conversation.
  3. Write a conversation between two people in your home, or two imaginary people, who have a problem or disagreement that gets solved.
  4. Describe your favorite meal
  5. Interview a person in your family about their childhood. Ask about their favorite: games to play, foods to eat, and music to listen to. Write it up in your journal.
  6. Write a journal entry about how you're feeling and what your day was like.
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