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November News from the Pre-K Classroom



The world runs on wheels! From tires to Ferris wheels to stroller wheels and rolling pins, wheels are all around us. Most children enjoy playing with wheels and use them in many ways. A study of wheels helps children expand their understanding of wheels beyond the tires on a car or bus and discover the wide variety of wheels in their school and community.

Investigating wheels gives children an opportunity to learn how wheels work and make people's everyday lives better.

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What Will My Child Learn?

  • explore concepts through experiences that support all areas of development and learning
  • discover the physical attributes of the different types of wheels
  • investigate how wheels move and work together to create their own wheels
  • observe how forces such as speed and weight impact the wheels' movement
  • meet interesting people who use wheels in their daily lives
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This month we are celebrating our WONDERFUL prekindergarten teachers and students at MES!
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Social and Emotional Learning

Click here for family engagement activities to help your child at home.

The activities in this section provide ways for families to foster healthy social and emotional development by building trust and emotional security, self-awareness, self-regulation, and relationships with others. Activities help children:

  • develop a positive sense of self
  • recognize likes and dislikes
  • talk about their feelings
  • express emotions and behaviors in different situations
  • learn ways to calm themselves
  • build and maintain self-control
  • share and take turns
  • cooperate with others
  • use their imagination during play

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