1st Grade Classroom Guidance


Self Talk for Learning

Learning Target: I can demonstrate self-talk strategies for remembering directions.

Why This Lesson Matters: Self-talk is a developmentally appropriate strategy students can us to help themselves listen, follow directions, and stay on task. Over time, self-talk typically becomes internalized and no longer spoken out loud. However, whether out loud or silent, it can be a powerful tool to help students remember directions and focus and guide their efforts.

Activity: We warmed up our brains by playing our Brain Builder "My Turn, Your Turn". After our game we listened to Puppy tell us how he uses self talk for remembering the Listening Rules that he often forgets. Next, we heard the story of two boys in class that were supposed to be working on an assignment although there were girls behind them whispering and giggling while reading a story together. One boy, Will, was able to block out the distraction. However, the other boy, Lamar, was not. The students and I brainstormed ideas for how could use self talk for blocking out the distractions and work on his assignment again.

Application: Have your child demonstrate how to use self-talk. Play a quick game with like "Ready, Set, Go" where you give him/her a one or two step direction and make them wait until you say "Ready, Set, Go" to do it. Remind them to use self-talk to remember the directions until you say those words!!

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard:A.A1.5 Students will identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning.