The Weekly Hoot

May 2-8, 2016

Let's start with a picture of our two newest little Owls!!!!

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Ali Grace and Ava Faith Lee made their debut on Wednesday, April 27 and were able to come home to Anderson on Friday, April 29. Ali weighed 5 lb 5 oz. Ava weighed 5 lb. 12 oz. Mama and babies are doing great! Congratulations to the Lee family on two beautiful additions!

Greetings All -

What a long week! It is just that time of year. SLOs, STAAR, and all sort of other acronyms!! You all are amazing! Rebecca Cawthon posted a link to a wonderful article on Facebook this morning and I am attaching it below because I think we all need to read it and take it to heart. We are tired right now. We are grumpy. We are feeling ready to throw our hands up. But then, right when we least expect it, a child makes a breakthrough, or you get a hug from a child, or a parent thanks you. At that moment, you know you are in the greatest profession in the world.

Just a little info as personnel changes are made:

After interviews on Thursday, I have offered the 3rd grade Science and Social Studies job to Bonnie Myers. Bonnie is a graduate of Anderson-Shiro CISD. She has been teaching in Magnolia at Nichols Sawmill Elementary for the past 11 years. She and her husband Terry have two daughters and live in Anderson. The two girls are in 1st grade and PK and will be new Anderson-Shiro Elementary Owls next year. Welcome Bonnie! We are excited you are part of our team.

Baylee Brzozowski has also been offered the position of Character Education/Health Instructional Assistant. Baylee is graduating May 6 with her teaching degree from Sam Houston State University. She, her husband Ty, daughter Braize live in Plantersville, Texas. Braize will also be a new Anderson-Shiro Elementary Owl next year as she will be entering PK and waiting on her baby brother to arrive in November.

We will be interviewing for the Math Instructional Assistant position this week and I hopefully will be able to announce that person next week.

Lastly, it is Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope you all know, but in case you don't, all of you mean the absolute world to me. Teaching these days is a down and dirty, gritty, underappreciated profession. It is definitely not for the fainthearted! You all are the best of the best. Time and time again, I have had people let me know how amazed they are at our faculty and staff. Your work ethic and dedication to our students is second to none. I have never been more proud to say how much I love working with a group of dedicated professionals such as yourself. You all amaze me every day and I love you very much! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

With that being said --- jeans day all week for Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!

Have a great week!



Owl Wings This Week Go To...

Our fourth grade team! Crystal and April have really stepped up and helped out Baylee while Sarah is out with her sweet babies. This time of year is hard, but not only are they getting everything they have to do done, they are also helping out to make sure no 4th grade class is left hanging! You two are appreciated very much by many people! :)

Also, PTO elections were held this week and we have new officers. I would like to give a shout out to the current PTO board for their hard work and dedication to make this year a wonderful year at Anderson-Shiro Elementary. Your countless hours have been noticed and are definitely appreciated. Thank you!!

Quote of the Week

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Birthdays this Week...

5 - Michelle Moreland

Your Week at a Glance...

Monday, May 2

Breakfast Tacos from PTO this morning

Education Foundation Grants due at 4 PM

CLF meeting this morning with Sara Borchgardt

Boys' Scoliosis Screening during PE

Tuesday, May 3

CLC - see Connie's agenda

District SBDM @ 3:45

PK/K Roundup during the day

Girls' Scoliosis Screening during PE

Wednesday, May 4

PK/K Roundup until 6 PM today

Kristi Bracewell here taking Glamour Shots today! :)

Team Leader Meeting @ 3:30

Thursday, May 5

3-5 grade Progress Reports go home

PK/K Roundup during the day

CLC - see Connie's agenda

Lavender Lunch from PTO

Car wash provided by PTO

Friday, May 6

Lavender Lunch provided by Central Office

Massages given by Chantel Tippy

4th grade at Farm Bureau Ag Day at Grimes County Expo Center

Car wash provided by PTO

Lesson plans completed by Sunday night, May 8 @ 11:59 PM.