TCI Implementation

Getting Started with TCI

Accessing TCI with Clever

Teachers and students will access TCI via CCS Clever. Look for the purple icon "TCI Subscription" under the Secondary Curriculum category. You can add this to your favorites for easy access.

From the CCS Clever homepage, click on "Log in with Active Directory." Enter your CCS username and password. Some teachers have both a "Staff" and "Teacher" profile in Clever. Be sure to choose the "Teacher" profile to see your classes.

If you find that your classes do not appear, this is likely an issue with course assignments in Infinite Campus. This may have happen if there is no primary teacher assigned in Infinite Campus (a red alert will appear indicating this issue). Another common issue occurs when a new teacher's name is still attached to the GUID number of a previous teacher. School personnel with Infinite Campus administrative rights can assist with making these corrections.


TCI On-Demand PD

On-demand PD is available for teachers to learn more about TCI's products and active learning strategies.

See the video links below for program overviews for teachers and students.

Middle School Social Studies Program Overview for Teachers
Middle School Social Studies Program Overview
High School Social Studies Program Overview for Teachers
High School Social Studies Program Overview


Using TCI With Google Classroom

Click here for the TCI Help Center on Google Classroom Integration.

View the video below beginning at the 6:00 mark.
[Webinar] New Google Classroom Integration Enhancements


Social Studies Support Request

Complete the support request form below for TCI integration support.