Middle East Project

Country Basics

For my project I got Kabul Afghanistan. The flag is black, red, and green. The black represents the 19th century when Afghanistan didn't have independence, the red means the blood shed in fights, and the green means independence achieved.


Afghanistan is surrounded by Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Most of Afghanistan is mountain landscape, some of the major landmarks are Band-e Amir National Park, Minaret of Jam and Tajbeg Palace. Major bodies of water are Hindu Kush Mountains and Amu Darya Basin. One environment interaction is farming. The environment effects people because some people live on mountains and their are a lot of earthquakes and landslides.


In Afghanistan they have Democracy and their leader is Ashraf Ghani chosen by democratic election. They don't have any rights roles and responsibilities as citizens.


Afghanistan is a really poor nation, their money is Afghan Afghani. Their main imports and exports are textile, fruits and nuts, gemstones and opium. The life expectancy is around 60 years, the birth rate is around 41% and the literacy rate for men is 43% and for women it is 12%. Lastly the drinking water source is wells.


In Afghanistan there is dry and very cold winters and very hot winters. The average yearly rainfall is 327 mm per year and the average yearly temperature ranges from 23-90 degrees Fahrenheit. People have to worry about landslides and flooding. There only availability resource is water.


In Afghanistan people wear robes and they speak Pashto and Dari. Their main religion is Islam and they believe '' There is no God but God ; Muhammad is the messenger of God.'' People eat Pulao and it includes rice raisins and carrots.


In 1919 King Amanullah unsuccessfully attempted to modernize the country. And in 1973 King Zahir Shah was ousted and he had been the leader for 40 years. In 1970's Russia invited and Civil War occurred. There is always turmoil ( problems ) in Afghanistan.

Compare and Contrast

In the United States you can worship any religion but in Afghanistan you cannot your religion is Islam. The United States it is a free nation but in Afghanistan in is not. Some differences are women have rights in the U.S. but not in Afghanistan and in Afghanistan they speak Pashto and Pari but in the United States they speak English. Some similarities are in both countries it is a man driven government and both countries have gone through Civil Wars.
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