(Last Call!) Free Books from HSMC

For your classroom, for your studies, for your life.

What Kind of Books Are Available?

We currently have books in the following categories available:

FICTION: Authors w/ last name beginning with L-Z

What is "Weeding"?

Weeding a library is like weeding a garden: we must periodically remove the outdated/broken/redundant in order to make way for the new and relevant. The HS is undergoing a weeding project of its nonfiction section, and so we will be sending out periodic emails letting staff know what sections have been weeded and what types of books are available for you to take, no strings attached! If you have questions about any weeded material, or about weeding in general, please see Alicia! duella@ismanila.org

Tuesday, May 6th, 10am

HSMC-- behind the desk (formerly the location of the PD Library)

Once they're gone, they're gone!

This is the last batch of free books, so come and get 'em!