Articles of the Confederation

Faith Luera

Articles of confederation

The Articles of confederation were america's first attempt at their own government, but this failed. It was made weak because not all of the states could agree on a form of government or the laws that they would put in the constitution.

strengths of the Articles of confederation

The articles of confederation governed the nation during the revolutionary war. It negotiated the treaty of Paris of 1783. It also had the land ordinance of 1785 and the northwest ordinance of 1787. The land ordinance of 1785 made it easy for people to move out west because it divided and organized the land. The northwest ordinance rules for population among the land. slaves were also not allowed.

weaknesses of the Articles of confederation

The articles of confederation was weak because it lacked the power to do things that a constitution should be able to do. It lacked the power to enforce laws. It lacked power to levy taxes and to control trade among states. It required all 13 states to make changes in articles. These are things that a constitution needs to be able to do.

North West Ordinance of 1787

The north west ordinance of 1787 controlled the admission of the Midwest states and laid the legal groundwork for their functioning. This is one of Thomas Jefferson's most often overlooked accomplishments. The Northwest Ordinance laid out the details of the admission process. when a territory reached 60,000 people a constitution was created and applied for state hood. A positive effect of The Northwest Ordinance is that slavery was forbidden in north west territory. Another positive effect is that individual rights are preserved. slavery being banned is also a negative effect for the south.

Shays' rebellion

As the long war was coming to an end people began to look foward to freedom and prosperity they believed peace and independence would bring. A pent up demand for goods that were unavailable during the revolution fueled a booming post war economy.the severe recession that followed caught Americans off guard and all hope that the promises of the revolution would be fulfilled were gone. In 1786 there were potions and protests. "Our property is torn from us.