August 2022

Special Edition- Countdown to Kindergarten!

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8/23- Kinder Warm Up 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-3:00 See Info Below

8/24- Kinder Warm Up- 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-3:00 See Info Below

9/1- Donuts & Drop Off 10:00-11:00 See info Below

9/5- Labor Day- No School

9/6- First day of School- Kindergarteners do not start on this day. Kinder Connect begins

9/7- Kinder Connect

9/8- Kinder last name A-M First Day

9/9- Kinder last name N-Z first day

9/12- All Kinders first day of school

9/14-Back to School Night 5:00-7:00

Kindergarten Warm Up

As a way to help your 22-23 Kindergartener get ready for school, we are offering an optional Kinder Warm Up!

You will choose one session for your student to attend on either Wednesday August 23rd or Thursday August 24th. There are two sessions to choose from each day: 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-3:00. Families will be invited for a parent session with the counselors for the first half and hour and then you will be free to run errands or go for a walk until the end of your child's session.

Again your child will attend one 2-hour session as an introductory session to Kindergarten and parents are invited to attend a special session with the school counselors for the first half an hour of your child's session.

There are still spots available! Please contact the front office at (503) 356-2530 to enroll.

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September 1st- Supply Drop off

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*Important note for Kinders: final decisions for who your child's classroom teacher will be for the 2022-2023 school year will not be solidified until after school begins. The initial communication you receive will be a tentative placement.

Kinders begin their school year differently than grades 1 through 5

  • 1st through 5th Graders begin school on Tuesday, September 6th

Kindergarten Connect Appointments:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, September 6th and 7th you will bring your child for a Kindergarten Connect Appointment (you will sign up for an appointment via ParentSquare); Watch your email!
  • There is NO SCHOOL for Kindergartners on those dates!

Kindergarteners' First Day of School:

  • Thursday, September 8th - 1st day for Kinders w/ last names A-M (N-Z stay home)
  • Friday, September 9th - 1st day for Kinders w/ last names N-Z (A-M stay home)
  • Monday, September 12th- All Kinders begin together

Tears & Cheers- Hosted by SECO (Sato Elementary Community Organization):

  • SECO, our parent and community organization, will host a short, optional gathering for kindergarten parents after drop off on their first day, Sept. 8th or Sept. 9th in collaboration with Sato. We know that kindergarteners going to school for the first time can be an emotional time, so we like to offer a space for kinder parents to come together to celebrate or shed a quick tear with other parents before going on with their day. Our school counselors will be there to talk about what to expect the first week of school and how to best support your kindergartener during this adjustment time.
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First day logistics

Will families be able to visit the school and kindergarten classrooms prior to the start of school?

On September 1st, we will be hosting a Donuts and Drop off event which is our supply drop off. Please see above for information about this event. Parents of Kindergarteners will be allowed to walk their child to class on their first day of school : 9/8- Kinder last name A-M or 9/10 Kinder last name N-Z. On 9/12 when all kinders go to school together for the first time, parents will not be allowed in the classrooms unless they are volunteering. Thanks for your cooperation.

When do families find out who their kindergarten teachers will be?

We anticipate being able to inform families who their teacher is by the evening of 9/9. A lot of considerations go into building classes. Teachers like to have an opportunity to meet all the students before deciding which child will go into which class. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do families need to buy school supplies for kindergarteners?

We encourage families to purchase school supplies for their student and drop them on on September 1st at your designated time. Supply lists can be found by clicking HERE. If this is not something your family can provide, that is ok! We have supplies at the school as well.

What will Kindergarteners need to bring to school on their first day?

Backpack, coat or sweatshirt (if needed), water bottle, a change of clothes in a ziplock bag , snack and lunch (if needed)

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What are the normal hours for school?

8:30 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.

*Doors open for students at 8:15am.

No supervision is provided for students before 8:15.

Doors close and tardy slips are issued at 8:30.

**Our parking lot gets very backed up. We encourage all who are able to, to walk or roll to school. If you choose to drive, please plan accordingly and leave your house early!

What is the process for picking up and dropping off kindergarteners?

Upon arrival, students should find the colored line on the concrete corresponding with their grade level to enter the building.

Kindergarteners line is RED. This line will lead them through the side gate near the playground undercover area and into the side, Kinder wing doors. Staff will be waiting at both the gate and the door to help welcome you.


All change of going home plans must be into the office no later that 2:00pm! Please use THIS form to submit any changes.

We have 4 main ways of dismissal- car pick up, walkers, bus and Bethany Childcare.

All students are escorted to where they need to be by an adult.

** Again, our parking lot gets very busy so please walk or roll to school if able to.

Please see the map below that shows our dismissal locations. Due to safety and security, parents must stay in their designated location (indicated on the map below) during dismissal. We have 780+ students that we need to get to their dismissal location safely. Again, please do not congregate near the front doors of the school or by the kindergarten gate. Thank you!

How do families find out about bus routes? Do families need to register?

If a student qualifies for busing, families will receive a message from Transportation with their student’s route information via ParentSquare on Monday, August 29. Elementary students who live more than one mile from school qualify for busing; families do not need to register.

After School Care

Bethany Childcare runs their program out of our building but they are not affiliated with us. They have a few spots remaining for this coming school year. Please contact Kathy at: or 971-378-8727 for more information regarding their program.


Please fill out THIS form if your student will be absent or late. Please note that if you notify the classroom teacher of a change or absence, the front office doesn’t always receive it. Please also notify the front office by clicking the link above.

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Meals and Snacks

How do families ensure that their child will have a lunch to eat on the first day?

Students can bring lunches from home or purchase lunches in the school cafeteria. Staff will be available to assist kindergarteners with purchasing lunches using their student numbers for the first few weeks of school. Please help us by practicing with your child how to open and close their lunch box and items that you pack for them. This will greatly help students to be independent and able to get started with eating quickly. Students have 20 minutes to eat in the cafeteria. This is another great thing to practice at home!

If your child will be purchasing lunch, there are two ways to add money to your account: 1) pay at school; cash or checks are accepted in the school cafeteria or 2) pay online. SchoolCafé can be used for online payments. There’s a small fee for using SchoolCafé to make deposits.

How much does breakfast and lunch cost?

Breakfast costs $1.65; lunch costs $3.05.

If kindergarteners eat breakfast at school, when should they arrive? How do they get to class after breakfast?

All students enter the school at 8:15 and if they eat breakfast, they will come in the front door and someone will help direct them to the cafeteria to go through the breakfast time and eat breakfast.

How do families apply for free or reduced-cost school meals?

If you believe your student qualifies for free or reduced-cost meals, please visit the Meal Benefits webpage to apply.

How are food allergies handled?

Please be sure to notify our school nurse, Carey Stephens at She will create a Student Health Plan that will put a flag in our system to alert the cafeteria staff that there is a food allergy. Additionally, we have allergy tables in our cafeteria that students can sit at. Please notify your classroom teacher if your child has a food allergy and needs to sit an an allergy table. Thanks!


We encourage families to pack a healthy snack for students to have during the day. Different classes have different snack times. This information will come from the classroom teacher at a later time. If you cannot provide a snack for your child, we do have snacks available at the school. Please notify your teacher if this is something you need.

Parent Square — Virtual Orientations for Kinder Families on August 25th!

ParentSquare is the tool we use at the District, school and classroom level to communicate with parents/guardians. Please RSVP if you would like to learn more about how to use ParentSquare to stay engaged in your student's education.
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ParentSquare 101 for Incoming Kindergarten Families
Volunteering in Beaverton School District

All volunteers must be vaccinated and background checked

Volunteering at Sato

Click on the link above and be sure to sign up to volunteer! The sooner you get the application completed, the better. Stay tuned for more information from SECO, our community organization.

Please label all items you bring to school

In future Raccoon Registers (our bi-monthly school newsletter), you will learn about our process for our lost and found. We get a tremendous amount of things in our lost and found each year and when they are not claimed, we donate it to the clothes for kids program. Please label all things brought to school with a first name and last inital so we can get it back to the rightful owner! Thank you!
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Kinder summer meet ups

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Meet the Administration at Sato!

If you'd like to know a little more about the Administration at Sato please check out the Meet the Principal Page on our website, linked below!