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A Message From Mrs. Lloyd

Happy New Year! I can't believe that it's already 2015. I can remember when we were all preparing ourselves for Y2K. Thank you from the bottom on my heart for the TD Bank Gift Card. I will make sure to spend it on myself in the coming weeks. I also loved all the extra gift-Barnes and Noble Gift Cards, a beautiful class moto framed, and all the wonderful cards.

iPad Apps

During conferences, a few parents asked about helping their child pick books that are at their level. There is a wonderful app that can help you with book picking. It's called "Level It". It is as easy as scanning the books UPC code. The picture shows the information given after scanning the UPC code. I began using this last year when my older daughter was in 2nd grade. We found it very helpful however we did find that some books were not in the system. I'm hoping that a year has passed and more books have been added. You can find the app HERE

Journey's Jargon-Lesson 11

Comprehension: We journeyed back to DRAWING CONCLUSION during this cycle. We focused on Humorous Fiction. This is a more difficult skill to identify and find details to support the conclusion. We read "Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do to highlight this skill. The children used the text and the picture to draw a conclusion about the job a person has on the clothesline. We then followed up by drawing and coloring their own clothesline with a job they want to do when they grow up.

Grammer: We talked about THREE TYPES of SENTENCES. We reviewed telling/statement sentences as well as question sentences. We added COMMAND sentences this cycle. We discussed how these types of sentences often begin with an action word.

Phonics: Our spelling words last cycle were words that added -s and -es to a base word. We continue to focus on breaking words apart into syllables.

You can find Lesson 11 Home Letter HERE.

The Parent Pipelines can be found HERE.

Journey's Jargon-Lesson 12

Comprehension: Once again, we are looking at STORY STRUCTURE. We are using a graphic organizer to retell the different parts of the story: setting, character, plot-problem and solution. We are focusing heavily on the PLOT of the story. We will extend this reading strategy with another authentic text: Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It. We will create a flip book depicting the different parts of the story.

Grammer: We have continued our discussion of types of sentences. We have added an EXCLAMATION SENTENCE this cycle. We are identifying the difference between the four types of sentences. We are reviewing what a sentence begins with and the type of punctuation is at the end of each of them.

Phonics: Our spelling words this cycle are focusing on our first set of VOWEL PAIRS. The words have the long "a" vowel sound because of the words either have "ai" or "ay". The children are really enjoying using the Word Work apps on the iPad.

You can find Lesson 12 Home Letter HERE.

The Parent Pipelines can be found HERE.

Math Moments

2-digit addition has been the topic in 2015. We learned a strategy taught in Everyday Math-partial sums when adding numbers together. This proved to be a little bit difficult because many of the children already knew how to use the traditional method. So, we then learned how to add these same numbers together the traditional way (the way we all learned when we were in 2nd grade). The choice is now your child's. They may choose to use the strategy they feel most comfortable with. If they decide to use the traditional method it's important for them to show their work in carrying the "1" into the tens column.

We moved into Unit 5 late last week. It is a welcome break from computation as we work through geometry and the vocabulary that goes along with this concept.

Writer's at Work

We are in full force writing our Informational Books. It's exciting that each one of them was able to choose a topic they thought they were experts at. The topics range from swimming, football, baseball, soccer, to martial arts. We are learning many different strategies to improve our writing. The first strategy was to include arrows and scientific information about our topic. The children are finding ways to include the vocabulary we talked about earlier in this unit-force, mass, weight, push/pull, motion, and gravity. In addition, we are learning that when we use comparisons in our writing it helps the reader create a mental image in their mind.

Stellar Scientist

We have continued our study of balance. We created a mobile out of straws, paper clips, and pieces of construction paper the day before Winter Break. It was interesting to watch the children add pieces to their mobile to help balance the two sides. This past week, we have moved to using an Equal Arm Balance. We first learned how to calibrate the balance. There has been lots of exploring trying to make the sides balance.

Upcoming Events

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  • 1/19-MLK Day-Schools Closed
  • 1/25-Tatem Roller Skating Party Night
  • 1/29-Techzel Money Due
  • 1/30-Student Council Hat and Mitten Drive Ends-please consider donating new hats, mitten/gloves to help those in need