Navigator News PM

May 20, 2016

This week

Thank you so much for all of your generous donations and for participating in our St. Jude Trike-a-thon!

This week the Navigators began talking about life cycles! Throughout the week, many friends brought in pictures of themselves as babies and current pictures of themselves. We had fun guessing who-was-who in the baby pictures :) We compared and contrasted the photos, recognizing that people, along with living things, grow and change over time, experiencing life cycles. We then talked about how our caterpillars in the discovery center are changing (getting bigger) and the various life cycles they will/are experiencing. Many students examined them with magnifying glasses and did observational drawings this week. We also used various menus in the dramatic play center, identifying items a baby would have, a child would have, and an adult would have. We also used noodles to demonstrate the different life cycles of a butterfly.

Looking ahead, we will continue to discuss butterflies, specifically touching on symmetry and metamorphosis. We will also discuss the chicken and frog life cycle.

HWT: For Handwriting without Tears, the students practiced writing the letters P and B and practiced the strokes for the letter R.

Jolly Phonics: The students learned the sounds for the diagraphs th and qu.

Snack Schedule

We have enough snack to last us until the end of the year. Thank you!


Movin' and Groovin':

In M & G outside this week, the students used our school tricycles to practice for the trike-a-thon. While 2 students rode the tricycles, the rest of the class sat as road blocks to help the riders learn how to weave in and out and watch where they are going. We also played red light green light.

Cooking & Conversation:
In C & C the students played a life cycle bingo game. They also used various foods to represent the various stages of the butterfly life cycle.


In music the friends practiced their graduation songs. They also played a movement game. Mrs. Blair had a basket with action words in it that the friends picked from one by one. They then sang a song, inserting the new action word and completed the action.


In library this week, Mrs. Rapoport read What To Do If An Elephants Stands On Your Foot by Michelle Robinson. Our last library session will be next week.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, May 30-No School, Memorial Day

Wednesday June 1-Wagner Farms Field Trip

Wednesday, June 8-PM Graduation 1:45-3:00pm

Thursday, June 9-Last Day of School

Mystery Explorer

The Mystery Explorer this week was Dominic's grandpa! He was so surprised to see him! Grandpa read Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Scott Magoon.

Upcoming Birthdays

Abigail-May 28th

Lexi-May 29th


  • As the weather gets warmer, please remember to have your child in closed toe shoes for the outdoor classroom!
  • Looking for a new app? Download Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame! Mrs. Scheele has used this app and the friends love it! It is a great outlet for students to practice problem solving.