"The Peculiar" Special Story Part

by Nicholas Mercadante


"'I don't want hundreds,' Mr. Lickerish was saying, and his voice was angry and very soft. 'I want one. Just one that actually works. I tire of this. I tire of the endless failure. It has gone on far too long, do you hear me? Too much attention, too many people coming to know about it. Last week the Privy Council was convened to discuss this very operation.' He turned back to the window, his face taut. 'If you pay any attention at all to what is happening around you, you will have heard that the failed changelings were found. I knew they would be. The river does not keep his dead for long. But that it would cause such a stir!'"


In this part of the story, the main antagonist, Mr. Lickerish, is yelling at one of his servants to find the correct changeling. Each changeling child is half human and half faery, and this aspect of them allows a bridging of the human world and the faery world. Mr. Lickerish aspires to construct this portal, because he is a faery himself who wrecked havoc among the world when the first portal opened. After most faeries left, Mr. Lickerish assumed a false identity and rose to political power. He wants a portal to let his evil allies back in, and he needs to sacrifice a changeling to do this. Mr. Lickerish is also very angry that his plan to open up a faery portal is not going quickly. He displays this by using a very harsh, yet light intonation. He also shows his frustration by turning away, with a "taut" face. This paragraph describes how terrible Mr. Lickerish is, too. He is willing to kill innocent children in order to reach his goal, and this goal would bring even more terror to the already damaged world.