Team News 10.27

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

Here comes so much free dress!


What a weekend! The Knights of Columbus did a Fish Fry to raise money for us, the 5K was a success (not prize wise unless you count the candle I won for best costume BUT in Morale), and our parents rallied together this weekend to celebrate SMCS. Thank you all that were to attend different events and support this weekend. Thank you! THANK YOU!

See the Dragon Roar for all the events that happen to land on the same week, this week. All your dress codes are on there.

Please if you can, wear a costume to school on Thursday of your favorite book character. I have attached a DIY cheat sheet for you. If you need to borrow a Shrek/Fiona Costume, got you. I will be Mrs. Frizzle if anyone wants to dress up like a magic school bus or chameleon!

On Halloween, feel free to get your MS and elementary buddies reading together! Such a great time to share costumes.

Costume Ideas

SMCS I will Survive Monster Mash

Reminders and Updates

  • Read the Roar for all the events to keep straight this week.
  • Remember to just smile through the craziness that will ensue with Halloween and beyond.
  • If you need chocolate, I am bringing a stash for you and it will be up front. Help yourself!!
  • Church Office Trick or Treating for PreK to 4th Grade on Thursday. Time TBA.

The Assembly: Required for all Full Time Teachers and Professional Staff

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 8am-3:30pm

1 Camino Santa Maria

San Antonio, TX

Each year the Archdiocese hosts a huge conference/praise & worship/spiritual talk day to bring all of the archdiocese together. This year I am super excited for some of the break out session speakers (some of my professors from ND and Boston College--Hoffsman Ospino and Timothy Matovina). You will love them!!

I will be signing you and paying for you this week. Anyone on a religion deficiency plan will get 8 hours this day alone! Remember this archdiocesan mandated and we get a comp day off for this day so if you cannot attend, you will be required to use paid time off. Let me know ASAP.

Improving Recess!

Move past Memorization, Dive Deep for Better Readers!

Missed our Team Meeting? Minutes and Notes here!

School Schedules: Duty, Classroom and Contact Information

This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Monday: Mrs. Cortez in late.

Tuesday to Thursday: Mr. Patrick Out

Mass Information

Nov 1 Middle School * All Saints’ Day

Nov 8 4th grade

Please always confirm readers and begin practicing with them by Tuesday. Please email your assignments to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar by Wednesday.

October/ November/December Duty

Edited based on your feedback! Tried to shuffle it around so you aren't back to back. If you are going to be absent or late, please make sure you secure a sub for your duty.
Big picture

October/November Birthdays

10.28: Laura Bazany on Monday!!

11.3: Mr. Victor

11.8: Ms. Lori

Gratitude from the past week

Thank you to...

  • Each of you that signed up and/or came to the 5K to support. Thank you!!
  • Our team for making PTC night shine. Our parents loved it.
  • PreK and mIddle school for making decorations for our booth for the 5K.
  • All of you taking time to coordinate and make field trips possible for our kids. So important!
  • Mrs. Ortiz for getting through High School Tours with a smile. Our HS love us and are so grateful!
  • Front office and PreK teams for helping with subbing this week. Thank you!!
  • Mrs. Moncrief for supporting our solidarity month with great classroom ideas!
  • All of the unnoticed yet appreciated ways each of you helps our school remain firmly rooted.

Grading Deadlines

Progress Report Quarter 2: Grades complete by Sunday, Nov. 17

Report Card Quarter 2: Grades AND Skill Sets due by Thursday, December 19 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 3: Grades complete by Sunday, Feb 9th.

Report Card Quarter 3: Grades and Skill Sets due by March 17 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 4: Grades complete by Sunday, April 19.

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.