Sneak Peek

January 20, 2015 * Stoy School * Miss Roberts


This week we’ll consider the question, “How do you find important story characters?” First, we’ll read Violet’s Music, a realistic fiction story about a girl who loves making music with her friends. We will also read Wolfgang Mozart, Child Superstar, a biography about the real life of this famous composer and musician.

Target Vocabulary: nursery, shake, smooth, whenever, hours, alone, real, museum

Phonics Skills: Vowel digraphs (ai, ay)

Vocabulary Strategy: Figurative language/idioms

Comprehension Skill: Story structure – tell the setting, character and plot in a story

Comprehension Strategy: Question – ask questions about what you are reading

Last week, each Guided Reading Group began a Chapter book. Over the next week or two each group will complete their story. The students are expect to carrying meaning over time and will practice using a variety of the introduced reading strategies to comprehend the story and its characters.

This week we will be wrapping up our Persuasive Writing Unit. Each student will write a final piece in which they will attempt to persuade someone to read a specific book. They will be encouraged to include a main idea, their opinion, as well as language that persuades their reader. As always, the students will be encouraged to write using accurate conventions including: sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, and word study principles (spelling).

W.E.B. Project

The Second Marking Period WEB Project was assigned last week. Each student has chosen their biography and many are enjoying learning about their person. If for any reason, you or your child decide to choose another person to learn about, please let me know. All projects are due by February 27th. Your child may turn their project in anytime before the due date. The students will present their projects to the class and share their work. It is a good idea to have your child practice talking about their project before bringing it to school. I hope the students have had fun learning about their person of choice.


This week, we will review Chapter Five and the students will be completing the Unit Test on Wednesday. Thursday we will move on to Chapter Six!

Lesson 6-1: Addition of three or more numbers

  • Using and explaining strategies for adding three or more numbers
  • Writing number models with three or more numbers
  • Describing and applying the associative property of addition

Social Studies

Our Science Unit "Changes" is behind us. Early in the week, the students will complete a self-assessment to put the finishing touches on the unit.

By mid-week we will then begin Unit 3 in Social Studies "Looking at the Earth." We will start off by reading Cynthia Rylant's Tulip Sees America. It is a story about a young man and his dog, Tulip. They travel throughout the United States and discover a variety of landforms and bodies of water. Throughout the unit, the students will be introduced to and learn about many of the landforms found across the United States.They will identify and locate hills, plains, mountains, valleys, island and peninsulas. In addition, as a class, we will learn the characteristics of each landform and where they are found in our country, e.g. The plain states are from Texas to Montana. We will then move onto the three of the major bodies of water found within the United States; rivers, lakes and gulfs. The students will read about each and complete word web illustrating, labeling and defining each.

If your child forgets his/her Practice Book...

Have no fear, the Internet is near!

When "One of those days happens," and your child forgets their Journeys Practice Book at school, there is no need to race back to Stoy. There is a way to access the book online.

Just go to and enter Think Central or go directly to: and fill in the drop down menus for: country, state, district and school. Then enter your child's first initial and last name and their password, hawks. You will see your child's homepage. Click on "My Library". You will see several choices including their practice book. Pages can be printed from that site. The students are also able to access stories from their multiple sources as well.


Tuesday, January 20th - Monday Schedule; the students will have Health
Wednesday, January 21st - Unit 5 Math Test
Wednesday & Thursday, January 21st and 22nd - PTA Enrichment Classes begin