Terrifying Tornadoes

The damage Tornadoes can do

Oh My Gosh A Tornado

the danger of a tornado is so serious that it will literally knock your socks off. Here in the U.S we rate tornadoes from F0 to F5. About 1,000 tornadoes hit the U.S. each year. Even in March 18, 1925 a tornado hit three different states, and 695 deaths occurred Another thing is that a tornado hit Kansas in June 1966 and cost $1,680,136,978 in 2010 dollars. So if I was in the Tornado ally, I would start drilling, and if not, RUN!


The safety of a tornado is a little too serious, wait what am I talking, it's a lot serious! If you don't want two do a safety drill (i'm talking to you teens!) start packing your bags or find a new home!Even if u do have a home u have to find a bunker or a basement. You have to find a space with no windows. it is also important to do daily drills to,for the sake of your life. But it's all worth, just to stay alive.

The Basics

Some tornadoes mostly come in the U.S. But they also come in different places, like Newzealand,Great Britan,and Scottland. Even though they get a lot of tornadoes,we get the most.The united states get about 250-300 tornadoes a year. That is almost a record breaker for the U.S.

Is A Tornado like a Hurricane?

It kinda is, but don't get it mixed up about the two swirls of death! A tornado is made up air some water and debris.When a Hurricane is made up of air and coastal water. A tornado dosen't kill as many people as a hurricane does.Don't get me wrong a tornado can do some damage, but not as bad as a hurricane!

The Conclusion

In Conclusion, a tornado is really dangerous ,especelly if you can mostly compare it to a hurricane! SO now all you have to do is fallow the saftey precedures and you will be suped up to go!Now remember stay away from windows or find a bunker or a basment. oh my god a tornado!