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Joshua Dread

by Lee Bacon

Who wouldn't want superhero parents? Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Except for one thing... Joshua's parents are not super heroes, they are super villains!! And that new girl at school, Sophie? Her dad is the super hero who is out to get them!

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King of the Mound

by Wes Tooke

Nick really loves baseball but he hasn't even been to a game in a year... ever since he got polio and knew he could never pitch again. A summer visit with Satchel Paige changes Nick and his baseball dreams forever!

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more about Satchel Paige

more about Polio

Liar & Spy

by Rebecca Stead

Georges doesn't think he'll make friends when he moves into a new apartment and is surprised to find himself involved in a spy club with a new friend. It is kind of exciting and a bit dangerous to spy on Mr. X, a tenant with possible dark connections, but how far is Georges willing to go and what will the spy club do if they are right about Mr. X?

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more about Georges Seurat

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

by Brenda Woods

He has some serious clarinet skills and a love for the stray dog, Shadow, that is as long as his name. Living in New Orleans, hurricane warnings are almost common place, but there is something different about Katrina. This storm threatens everything and everyone Saint loves, including Shadow.

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more about Hurricane Katrina


by Michael Morpurgo

Shadow is a sniffer, a dog trained by the military to sniff out bombs in Afghanistan. His story impacts two families, one Afghan, another British, in amazing, life changing ways.

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Book Club Discussion

more about Springer Spaniels

more about Afghan kids

Spy School

by Stuart Gibbs

Unbelievable! When Ben is chosen to be part of the CIA's spy school, he cannot believe it, because he is the last person to excel at school. He's also the last person to solve an international threat to the CIA, but he's going to try! Perhaps then the smart girl will notice him....

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more about the CIA

more about spies: International Spy Museum

Tuesdays at the Castle

by Jessica Day George

It's an old castle and Celie's family has been there forever, but no one has a map of the different rooms and hallways, so Celie is drawing one. When the king and queen go missing, it's up to Celie to try to save them - and up to the castle to help. The castle shifts walls, adds rooms, and blocks spaces when it needs to to protect Celie and help her family get reunited.

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more about Medieval Castles

more about mapmaking

The Unwanteds

by Lisa McMann

Smart, obedient people are wanted. Dull, obedient people are necessary. Disobedient people are unwanted and are sent to their death at age 13. That's what makes the land of Quill strong enough to protect themselves from the enemy countries all around them. Twins Alex and Aaron are 13. Their parents are necessary, Aaron is wanted, but Alex is unwanted. Is the bond of twins enough to break the laws of Quill?

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more about creativity: Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

Walls Within Walls

by Maureen Sherry

When the Smithfork kids move from a small home in Brooklyn to a luxury apartment in Manhattan, they have some exploring to do, and just like that, they are in the middle of a mystery. Join along as the three follow clues all over New York and stay one step ahead of danger while they try to solve a mystery that was hidden in the walls...

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Treasure Hunt Online Game

more about New York's Buildings

White Fur Flying

by Patricia MacLachlan

Zoe's home has always been a safe haven for Great Pyrennes dogs who need it, and a warm happy place for her family. This summer the new neighbor, Philip, who doesn't talk and doesn't play may need the safety of a big dog to help him through troubled times. Hmm, or does the dog need Philip?

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more about National Pyr Rescue

discussion materials here

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