Movie: The day after tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow (1/5) Movie CLIP - Tornadoes Destroy Hollywood (2004) HD

The Day After Tomorrow

ln this movie, there are two tornadoes which are close to each other which called twin tornadoes. In the photo, there is also no rain in the picture, but raining is normal while a tornado storm is going on this seems weird. Two tornadoes close to each other is not very possible. A twin tornado from in Nebraska on 6/16/14 was formed by a supercell and it is rare to become a twin tornado.
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Nebraska twin tornado

These tornadoes are the twin tornadoes in Nebraska, these are one of the first twin tornadoes recorded. It is also very normal to have rain in this storm; You can see the ground is wet from the rain in this storm. As you can see one of the tornadoes are bigger, this is normal for a twin tornado one of them are usually bigger.
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Right places in the movie

The destruction that twin tornadoes create, they are usually very powerful. Also, they usually more than 110mph. So the destructions in the movie are correct.

Wrong places in the movie

First, the movie is set on Manhattan. But Manhattan is a cold place which is hard to form tornadoes because it needs hot and cold air at the same time. Second, the latest tornado happened on 2008, but now is 2015, which is seven years ago. This tells that it is not happening frequently and it tells that was not a twin tornado.