Deep Sea

Erin Motley


The deep sea is in any ocean. It is located far beyond the ocean's surface in the deepest parts of the ocean floor.
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Necessary Items

When you are in the deepest parts of the ocean exploring the unknown, you must bring certain things to survive. This list includes:

- Submersible

- Plenty of oxygen

- Plenty of food and water

- Clothes

A possible packing list you may want to follow to have a good time:

- Camera

- Form of entertainment; book, magazine, etc.


In the deep sea, there are many things we do not know, including what daily life is like for the animals, however we are aware of one of the conditions;

Average temperature: About 4 degrees Celsius

While we are not sure of the exact pressure, we do know humans cannot with stand it. Whatever you do please DO NOT LEAVE THE SUBMERSIBLE.

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In the deep sea, you will see things that you cannot see anywhere else. Since it is completely dark in the deep sea, many animals who live there glow! You will see many fish that glow, possibly some sharks, many crustaceans, and maybe even a giant squid!

All about science section

In the deep sea, you'll see no invasive species and the hardly any human impact. Since it is very hard to explore the ocean both humans and animals stay out of it. Many things that impact the ocean's surface doesn't even bother the deep sea because it cannot reach it. Although the deep sea may seem like just a dark abyss, it actually is used for underwater sea mining.

Underwater sea mining is done in the deep sea. It is used to find underwater gems and coals. If we continue to go into the deep we may disrupt the daily lives of the animals, to protect this area we should limit our time down there and the things we take. This means you should be certain you want to explore the deep sea.

However this doesn't mean you can't have a good time when you travel to the deep. The organisms that live down there are amazing. A common trait some animals share are bio luminescent, which makes an organism glow.

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Have fun on your trip to the deep sea!