Technology Class

See what we do in technology class!


IMovie is so fun because you get to do a lot of things, going from scary thriller to an action-packed adventure. You get to edit and make your movie however you want. I think its great because you can turn your imagination into something real.


ITrailer is just amazing for so many reasons. Its in the same app is iMovie yet its totally different. Instead of making a movie you make a fun trailer with different materials, for instance you can use photos for iTrailer. It has lots of different thems and is just amazing.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is amazing for presentations. Its almost like Google presentation but with some new features. You can add background of any sort. Its great for things like if you want to make a brochure. If your looking for a electronic, easy, no price, amazing presentation, Haiku Deck is the right direction

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a great website for presentations. You can even add voice! Isn't that cool! You can add pictures and according to the name, you can Explain Everything! This is a great website that is definitely my favorite.

Go Animate

Go Animate is a great website for making animated comic/short film. You can give them expressions, movement, talking, and lots more. Go Animate is a great website to make your choice of short film.