Fats & Oils

Jaylynn , Sarah P., Angelica, Sarah T.

*What are daily requirements ?

Sugar : 90 grams

Natural Fat : 70

*What are the benefit of the foods in your food group ?

- Helps you absorb vital vitamins

- Choose unsaturated fats

- Oily fish , nuts and seeds

*What nutrients does your food group provide ?

Calories, Total fat, Sodium ,Total Carbohydrates , Fiber ,Protein &Vitamins

*Explain tips for choosing the best foods from your group ?

Try to get rid of trans fats from your diet

* Check food labels for trans fat

* Avoid commercially - baked gods , Margarine, and limiting fast food

*Explanation or impact of your food on consumer's health. "So , what ?" Who Cares"

Too much fats and oils can give you heart disease , harmful LDL cholesteral, and diabetes.