Robison Holiday Project 2019

Benefitting Children in Cypress

Continuing Our Tradition

This year we are continuing the special tradition of helping others in need during the holidays. Each homeroom will be adopting a student from Walker Elementary. Cy-Hope, a non-profit organization which strives to help people in our community, has provided us with the names of students that are in need. This will be our fifth year to participate in this program, and I think we (our staff, students, and parents) are the lucky ones who get to experience the joy of giving.

Here's how the program works:

  • Your child's teacher will communicate with you about the student that is being adopted by your child's class.
  • For confidentiality reasons, the students will only know the age and gender of the student.
  • The parents of the student have shared the child's clothing sizes, as well as, a particular toy that the child hopes to receive.
  • Your child's teacher will communicate how the class may contribute. This is optional, so please know there will not be pressure put on students to contribute.
  • If your child is able to contribute, we'd like to propose the idea of using this as a teachable moment by having your child earn the money that is contributed.
  • Items or money may be sent to school. The money will be used to purchase items for the child. We will not be giving cash directly to the children or families.
  • Items will be wrapped at school by volunteers (information will be coming soon if you'd like to help).
  • The wrapped gifts will be given to the parents to give to their child. In other words, the children will not be aware that the gifts are from students and families from another school. We want these parents to experience the joy of providing gifts for their child(ren).
  • The gifts will be delivered to the campus on Monday, December 16 so that parents will be able to pick them up in time for the holidays.
  • All donations are due December 9th