Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools


In math this week students learned about fractional parts of a whole using pattern blocks. A quick trick was learned for adding 10 to a single digit number and for adding 9. Students also had an opportunity to create colorful patterns. Recognizing patterns in math is an important strategy. Students sorted geometric shapes by attributes.

For ixl, students may practice any addition up to E15, geometry T1, and C1.

Reading and Writing

Reading is so important. But have you thought why? Through the next few newsletters, I will share a few of those reasons. When reading an individual is exposed to new things, new information or new ways to solve a problem. Perhaps an individual may find a new hobby by reading. Young children may actually explore one thing he/she really likes and it may end up becoming a career and success in the future. Exploration begins from reading and understanding.

Keep reading for BINGO cards.

Escape is a new word for our spelling list that may be difficult. Continue practice of weight, measure and remove. These words show up frequently on tests.

Social Studies and Science

Students learned about landforms in social studies through a Nearpod presentation. Using Nearpod, information can be shared with students on their individual iPads. Within the presentation, I ask questions and students respond immediately on their iPads. Based on their answers, I can quickly view results and analyze whether more instruction is necessary or not.

In Science, students began to learn about life cycles. They learned about the life cycle of most mammals, birds, and insects. This information helps prepare us for our Outdoor Ed. Day next week.

Zondle: Please work on these fun games: Our Earth Chapter 2 and Animals Chapter 2.