Come Hop with Me!

Brycen Geiger

Single Kangaroo Looking for Fun!

G'day mate! Looking for a pretty good time? Well, you don't gotta look any further now! I am a beautiful male marsupial that wants a friend. Even though I am a marsupial though, I don't actually have a pouch. My long lost love Chloe had a pouch, but all I gut is punch (Get it? Hah, kangaroo stereotypes). Cheers mate! Toodle-oo!

Any Reptiles Out There?

I am looking for a scaly friend who likes to party. Specifically, a gator. I kinda want an "Ali" gator! I would like someone like that a lot! I am into scales. Just something to know. I like everyone anyways, but cold blooded creatures are just pretty cool to be with. See ya later mate! Cherrio!