November 2015

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Scott's Corner

This month, it is a great time to reflect and re-visit some of the things that took place at the beginning of the school year. Are you a teacher who had students take an SLO? If so, you can pull a quick report in FultonConnect that may help map out a plan of instruction for semester 2. When in student tracking, pull up a class that took an SLO and click on the button towards the top right that says Reports. A new window will appear. Click on the line item that says Teacher Level Reports by Class. This will open a new window that will allow you to select the necessary reports and filters. Select the report option that says Summary-Objective Mastery Summary by Class. Then select each of the necessary items to fill out the report. I recommend to run your report in a PDF. Once all of the necessary filters have been selected, click the button in the top right that says Run Report. This will give you a PDF that has each standard and the percentage of students that showed mastery on the SLO PRE assessment. You and your PLCs can compare class data and use the information to look at which standards had the lowest percentages and which of those are second semester topics. This will allow you to plan and roadmap your instruction to maximize growth for your students!

Spotlight on Hamilton E. Holmes ES

On Thursday November 12th, a data team at HE Holmes ES school met to receive training on FultonConnect to create and implement various grade level benchmarks in different subjects to collect data to drive instruction for the rest of this semester and moving into next. The benchmarks encompass all core level areas of math, reading, science, and social studies. The team was very eager to learn and is looking forward to putting all of their great ideas into practice. Kudos to HE Holmes and keep up the hard work!


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