2015 Christmas Challenge

A blind Wine Tasting & More

We are having a blind Wine Tasting!

Please sign up for a country and their corresponding variety of Red Wine.

Bring a bottle of the type of wine you chose.

Write out a description of the wine from with the label, shelf or website.

We will try to guess which wine is which based on the description.

Wines will also be ranked.

Prizes and accolades for the person who brought the wine voted #1 and who has the most correct IDs.

**$15 limit! No cheating!

By request - Best of the Best Appetitizer Challenge

For those that want something more challenging

No rules. We just need a couple of Appetitizers!

Warning: Tim might have something 'up his sleeve'. Rumour has it he may be raising the bar!

Belle & Eve's Eggnog Taste Test

Have you ever wondere Egg Nog you like best?

Belle and Eve will be bringing ~5 brands of egg Nog to have a blind taste test with. Everyone can vote!