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Dear NAPPI , girl I want to make a drastic change; I have always been a brunette and would love to go blonde. What should I do? - Katherine,17

Katherine , make sure tour hair is in the best possible condition before coloring because the chemical process can make hair more fragile. Dry damaged hair is not only prone to breakage - the color is also more likely to fade and turn patchy.

Never attempt to correct a color that's gone wrong . Although covering a distratous blonde with a brown sounds logical, the results is often an even more distratous khaki-green. Always go to a salon for color correction.

NAPPI , every winter my hair goes dull and lifeless, why is this and what can I do stop it? -Jessica,19


Harsh winds whip hair into a tangle, ruffling, cuticles which depletes shine and can lead to split ends, central heating dries out the natural oils and wearing hats causes the scalp to sweat which makes hair flat and lank.

You should give your hair some extra tic and use moisturizing products.

Every three weeks treat the hair to an intensive conditioner, this is like a face mask for the hair. If infuses each strand with moisture and leaves it looking shiny and healthy.

I have bleached my dark hair trying to get it gray, but I have orange in it. What do I do next? -Susan 30

Hi Susan,

Using bleach on dark hair removes colour pigment. If your hair is now orange it means that the bleaching process hasn’t removed enough colour pigment to get past the orange stage. This really is something that should be carried out by a professional as bleach can cause tremendous damage which could result in breakage and snapping. We would recommend that you visit a skilled colourist to limit damage and ensure that your colour results in the perfect tone of grey.

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