World War I


The Start Of A War

Tensions in Europe were rising. Countries were fighting for land and rescources world wide. Many countries had colonies in Africa. Austria-Hungary claimed land that didn't belong to them.Then disaster struck, 20 year old Gavrillo Princip, a Serbian Nationalist, Assasinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg. Austria Hungary mourned the loss of an heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne and then on July 28,1914 ,Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
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A Chain Reaction.

The news came to Russia and Russia quickly came to the aid of it's ally , Serbia and declared war on Austria-Hungary. Germany was afraid Russia was going to build up it's army and destroy it's ally, Ausria- Hungary , So Germany declared war on Russia on August 1,1914. Then Germany asked France if they were going to join the War but France didn't give a clear answer so Germany declared war on France on August 3rd. To get to France, Germany needed to cross Belguim so they invaded Belguim on August 4th. Once Britan realized it's ally was being threatend, Brian declared War on Germany.
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3 Reasons for War

The 3 reasons for War were Imperialism, Militarism, and Nationalism. Imperalism is when you want to expand your country's inffluence through more land and power. Militarism is when you want to have the best or strongest military. Nationalism is the belief of thinking your country is the best.

New Methods Of War

New Technologies were being used during the Early 20th Century.Germany started using poisunous gas in early 1915. Britan built the tank in that same year and the used it to break down enemy forts without being shot.Then France built the airplane to py on its enemies.

Trench Warfare

The most common way of fighting during World War I was Trench Warfare. Trench Warfare was when 2 trenches were dug parallel to eachother.Once the trenches were dug, soldiers were ready to fight. They fouht long hours and conditions in trenches were horribe.Most trenches were usually damp and contained rats and lice. Once the Generals gave the command the soldiers would climb over their trenches into "No Mans Land".No Mans Land was between the parallel trenches.Above the trenches were barbed wire fences so once a Soldier crossed No Mans Land, he would probably get shot while trying to cross the barbed wire fence.

The End of The Great War

After 4 brutal years of fighting the Allied powers and Central Powers came to an agreement.In 1918 all the Central Powers surrendered except for Germany, but they were tired of the war and were low on supplies so they surrendered.The Central Powers and Allied Powers signed the Treaty of Versaillles in France in 1919.The War was over!
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World War I , How Does It Affect Us?

World War I helped shape the modern world because it was the first World War and ne technologies and Inventions were used. Machines were used for war for World War I and World War II. The ending of World War I also helped make the National holiday, Veterans day.We thank our World War I Veterans!
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