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News for the week of January 21, 2013

Hello 2013!

Can you believe we are finishing our third week of this semester already? Time is flying!

Mr. Davis allowed me to use the first few minutes of his English class on Tuesday to touch base with all the freshmen. I used that opportunity to review two important issues.

First, I looked every student in the eye and reminded them that they are NOT allowed to install games on the iPad EVER. This means they are not allowed to install games on the weekend, during a long break, or any other time that they are inclined to install a game.

The reason I took the time to clarify this rule was because more and more students are installing games on the weekend and deleting them when they returned to school. Monitoring this was quickly becoming my full-time job. The one common complaint I hear from parents is the number of distractions the iPad places at students' fingertips. To me, the first line of defense in fighting the distraction battle is keeping games off the iPad.

Going forward, families will be charged $10 per game installed.

I also checked to make sure that every student's Notability was being auto-synced to Dropbox. This insures that students will always be able to access their notes even if they can't use their iPads.

Survey says . . .

The Big Picture - Rethinking Dyslexia

Statistics indicate that 1 in 5 people are dyslexic. The Big Picture Rethinking Dyslexia, is a new documentary that attempts to explain the obstacles presented by dyslexia, while also showing the great potential that people with dyslexia have.

I have a copy of The Big Picture in the library. If you would like to borrow it, email me or stop by the library.

The Big Picture Movie Trailer

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