the deepest part of the forest

author: Holly Black


the main character is Hazel evens; red hair,freckles, with green eyes

Ben Evans; red curly hair, and green eyes

Jack; dark curly hair,silver eyes, brown skin and wide cheek bones

carter(jacks twin brother); curly dark hair, brown, amber eyes, and wide cheek bones


Fairfold is the town they all live in. the high school and woods are the main places.


Man vs. nature. in the book hazel has to fight against woodland creatures which are made up of parts of the forest.


hazel Evans and Ben Evans are brother and sister but Ben was blessed (or cursed) with the ability to sing and play music so well it would put people in a trance, while hazel is normal. they live in town were weird stuff happens and theirs all of these creatures in the forest that attack tourist, when Ben and Hazel were young they would hunt the creatures and kill them; Ben putting them in a trance with his music while hazel cut there heads off. at age 9 hazel made a deal with a woodland creature that she would give them 7 years of her life so that her brother would get into a music school. by the time they are in high school Ben and hazel have stopped hunting the forest creatures, jack who is a faerie folk but raised as human can actually talk to the forest creatures, when more and more people who aren't tourist start coming up missing, dead or badly injured everyone blames it on him. Hazel who is in love with jack tries to clear his name so she forces him to take her to the faerie folk but as soon as she arrives the alderkling summons her. for decades there was a man stuck in some kind of clear box but he was sleeping and no matter what you did you couldn't break the glass. then one day he goes missing and everyone is alarmed Hazel and Ben decide to find him when they do he is not the man they thought he was he was unnaturally beautiful, he forces hazel to follow him into the forest and ask her about a sword which she used to slay the forest creatures but one night it went mysteriously missing. when Hazel desnt obey him he kisses her knowing that she has always wondered what it felt like to kiss him the Ben coming to be her hero like always the prince walks off into the forest warning them. Hazel, Jack, Carter,and Ben must save there town from the creatures in the forest.