Tech. TidByte

May 2021

From Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott

The 20-21 school year is ending in just days. Hours really. And what has been accomplished this year is nothing short of extraordinary. Now that you have learned to jump through more hoops than a circus poodle, all while meeting the emotional needs of your students too, we hope that you have a wonderful summer rest. We also know that you all work much of your summers wrapping up one year and planning the next. We will see many of you in the summer Schoology training sessions and are very excited to work with you as we move into this more efficient Learning Management System. Pay special attention to the information listed below as it will affect what is occurring this summer on the Technology side. But most importantly…THANK YOU…for making a very tough job on a normal year look so easy. We are in awe of all of you. Yes, ALL, Custodians, Teachers, Paras, Food and Nutrition, Grounds, Maintenance, Bus Drivers, and of course our campus teams. The Technology Team is proud to be part of #GatorNation

About Passwords

Our passwords reset every 90 days, so if you would like yours to work over the summer without having to call the Help Desk (281-229-6028), please reset it before leaving. Also make sure to login to your laptop before leaving for the Summer.