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Add the Benefit of a Lace Front Wig and Enjoy the Celebrity Swagger!

Have you ever wondered how it is that your favorite celebrities always look so stylish with a fabulous new hairstyle each time they hit a party or film premiere? Well, the secret is out, they’re wearing a full lace or lace front wig and now you too can enjoy celebrity style by wearing one yourself!Human hair lace wigs are available in all sorts of colours, styles and lengths and naturally you’ll want to choose the one that suits you best.

One of the best things about a lace front wig is that it has a hairline which not only looks completely natural but is practically invisible. Wearing these wigs is very simple and you can put them on at home without necessarily having to have help from a professional hair stylist. Amongst the various options are hair textures that range from smooth & silky straight like Indian hair, kinky straight lace front, which is more like a relaxed Afro texture, or body wave, deep wave and curly styles. They can come in a full lace hair wig where the cap covers the whole head and the hair is knotted into it all over or a lace front human hair wig which just has the hair knotted into the lace on the front with the rest of the hair sewn onto wefts at the back. The quality can range from 100% Remy human hair to a synthetic fiber, however, whichever you choose, these lace wigs look beautiful, elegant and entirely natural.

If you are planning to buy one, but you are not sure of how to apply it, we have some simple guidelines so that you can easily do it yourself. There are various ways to wear a lace front wig and its up to you to decide which way would suit your lifestyle best. Although you can use a double sided tape to fix it, I personally prefer using a liquid adhesive because I think it gives a neater look.

There are plenty of stores & online sites where you can buy a wig along with accessories that you need like the tape, liquid adhesive and the adhesive removers. For an easy application, I suggest you go for a combo pack of wig and accessories.

1. Place the wig on your head and adjust it so that it looks natural and then carefully trim the lace back to your natural hairline using a pair of sharp scissors.

2. Secure the wig with the help of pins so that it doesn’t move while you are doing this.

3. Remove the wig and apply the liquid adhesive thinly to your hairline and wait until it starts to go tacky.

5. Replace the wig on your head and apply some pressure on the lace so that it sticks properly and leave until it dries completely. This will take you 15-20 minutes.

5. Make sure to use a good quality adhesive because it will last longer and stick more securely.

To apply a lace front wig is relatively straightforward and with these simple steps you can easily apply a kinky straight lace front wig, a silky straight lace wig, a body wave full lace Remy hair wig in any quality from inexpensive 100% natural Remy human hair to a much cheaper kanekal on synthetic man made fiber.

Now, you can at last achieve that celebrity swagger you dreamt of. Easy, wasn’t it!

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From Fun to Dramatic and Sexy - Hair Extensions Can Transform Your Look!

Sometimes it intrigues us to see our favorite celebrities,film stars and rock stars with a different hairstyle each time they hit the screen. One minute they have a cute pixie hairstyle and the next we see them on an award show with long cascades of beautiful curly hair. They so easily switch for man ombre wave to dense curls or sometimes to just a plain straight long hairstyle.

Have you ever wondered how they achieve the look? The answer is extensions! If you too want to experiment with this development that has swept the hair & beauty world, it’s very easy. Everyone can now have the luxury of hair because it’s affordable and convenient. With the aid of hair extensions, you can be a part of the glamorous which you see reflected on the cover pages of the fashion & celebrity magazines. Be it a wedding function, office party, engagement, birthday, prom or cocktail party, by wearing a head full of extensions, you can turn heads and quickly become the center of attention - with gorgeous flowing extensions you can even get that rock chick without effort!

But are you confused about which ones to get? - underneath are some popular hair types, read on to know more:

Brazilian Hair extensions

come from South America, principally Brazil & Peru, hence the name Brazilian extensions or weave. The natural shine, curl & body of Brazilian hair extensions make them extremely popular among Afro-American women. There are many companies which will sell you fake Brazilian hair but with a little bit of research and an eye for quality you can avoid being duped, it they seem too cheap or are offered at a bargain price then they’re almost certainly not Brazilian or Peruvian!

Chinese Hair extensions

Chinese hair extensions are thick, straight and with a slightly thicker or coarser texture than the Brazilians. Chinese hair can be easily integrated with the yaki texture of relaxed Afro- American hair so they have a great demand in the hair market for women of colour.

Indian Hair extensions

Indian hair are very popular extensions because they are so readily available. The texture of the Indian extension is more smooth, silky and shinier than Chinese hair extensions but tend not to be as thick as them. Mostly it is collected from the temples where it is donated as an offering and then sold to raise money for the religion. Virgin remy Indian extensions are more expensive because they are completely natural and not treated in any way. They have a slight wave from tip to root and can come in lengths of up to 36”.

Malaysian Hair extensions

Hair extensions from Malaysia are generally collected from the villages where Malaysian women sell it to the buyers, but it also comes from the Temples just like Indian Remy hair. The Malaysian hair are a fairly new addition to the extensions market and are more highly priced than the Indian or Chinese extensions. Malaysian hair are very soft, fine and shiny and are often integrated with fine hair like European hair.

With all types of hair you really get what you pay for and it is always worth the extra expense of buying only virgin Remy natural hair for your weaves, It will last longer, can be reused and can also be dyed to the exact shade you want without a problem. Natural virgin hair is generally off black or dark brown, if it is any other color it is probably not natural and has already been dyed.

So to sum up, to get that film star look buy the best virgin extensions that you can afford and it will actually save you money on the long run!

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Take Care of Your Lace Front Wig and Enjoy Its Beauty for Longer!

Be it a full lace remy hair wig, yaki straight lace front or a body wave lace front human hair wig, these wigs are designed and manufactured to have a long life as long as they are treated carefully. Its definitely recommended to invest in a good quality lace wig but if you take proper care of a lace wig it will reward you by lasting many years. It will keep its shiny, silky natural look and maintain its texture be it curly or straight, and you will be able to wear it without problems for a long time. If you are planning to buy one, or you already have a lace wig, you should check the instructions and care tips that came with it - by just doing a few very simple things and following a regular care routine you can keep your wig looking natural, beautiful and fresh.

Here are a few suggestions, by following them rigorously you can maintain your silky straight lace front wig, yaki remy hair full lace wig, body wave human hair lace wig and 100& natural human hair lace front wigs in peak condition.

1. Always clean your lace wig after use with lace release and 99% pure isopropyl alcohol, otherwise the dirt will get deposited on the hair strands and it will lose its shine.

2. Wash it carefully taking care that the hair strands do not tangle and never brush a wig with curls, hand comb only.

3. Use only salt free and paraben free shampoos and conditioners and use a natural oil like pure Moroccan argon oil to replenish the natural oils.

4. If your human hair lace wig or virgin remy yaki straight lace front wig gets damaged immediately get it repaired by a professional wig maker who can fix tears, reknot the hair and clean it properly. This will naturally cost you a little bit but by doing this you will actually add life & longevity to your lace wig.

5. Take proper care while you remove or apply the human hair lace wig otherwise the lace can get easily damaged. Always use a good quality adhesive to stick the wig down and be sure that the glue you are using is safe both for your skin as well as the lace of the wig. There are many hair sprays, hair gels and styling products which are harmful for the wig, these usually contain salt, alcohol and parabens and you should avoid using these products at all costs.

6. Order two wigs so that you can alternate them in turn and keep them looking new.

7. Make an investment by buying a stand or polystyrene head for your wig. Placing your full lace remy hair wig, yaki straight front or a body wave lace front human hair wig on a stand will help you keep them tangle free - its is also easier to clean & condition them like this.

To sum up, a lace wig is a great investment but it requires proper care and handling - by following these easy tips your wig will not only last longer but will look naturally beautiful each time you put it on.

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What is the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

At Afrodite we often have enquiries from customers who are looking for a full lace remy hair wig or a human hair lace front wig who are not really sure of the difference between them and would like an explanation so that they could understand more clearly. Both sorts of wigs come with remy individual locks plus the collection of that to acquire can be completely your decision. Nevertheless needs to be model, whether it be some sort of soft straight wide lace wig, yaki straight wide lace wig, perverted straight wide lace wig or maybe a bodywave wide lace wig, deeply samsung wave s8500 wide lace wig, or even mineral water samsung wave s8500 wide lace wig, only make certain their remy!

Remy Curly hair Extensions as well as Remy Weaves

Not to mention, exactly the same applies to hair plug-ins, no matter whether you could have Brazilian straight plug-ins, virgin Malaysian locks, Native indian physique samsung wave s8500 locks or even solid black Far east locks wefts, only make certain their remy if you would like the very best quality!

Lace wigs come in many differing types, but the principal difference is between full lace wigs& lace front wigs (sometimes called a front lace wig).

Full Lace Wigs

A full lace wig is constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head and the 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand. On standard remy lace wigs there is a strip of stretch lace over the top of the crown to allow for movement such as hair growth underneath and for variations in head size. However, if you have a full lace wig made to measure for you, this is not so vital and so the entire cap can be made from lace. This will mean that you are able to create a parting anywhere that you want, or you may wear the hair up at the back in an updo without detection that you are wearing a wig.

Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig (this could be a human hair lace front wig, synthetic lace front wigs, silky straight lace front human hair wig, yaki straight lace front human hair wig, bodywave lace front human hair wig etc), has lace that is usually 2 – 3 inches wide at the front, and the back of the wig is constructed like a traditional wig with machine sewed wefts of hairs sewn into strips of fabric, typically netting. Lace front wigs are usually glued at the front and have straps that can be tightened at the back and combs at the sides to fix them securely to the head.


Both types of wigs can come with 100% natural remy human hair or synthetic fibre, although the costs involved in the manufacture normally preclude the use of synthetic hair in full lace wigs. The style can be silky straight lace wig, yaki straight lace wig, kinky straight lace wig or allthe curls that you would expect such as bodywave lace wigs, deep wave lace wigs, or water wave lace wigs.

Footnote – Remy hair

In addition, a full lace remy hair wig or a lace front remy wig has hair that is always laid in the same direction, from root to tip, and this helps to avoid tangling as the cuticles in the hair are always aligned correctly just as it was before being cut from the donor.

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Should my lace wig or extension be100% remy human hair?

The short answer is yes!

Remy is often seen as a description when you are buying human hair lace front wigs, full lace wigs, hair extensions or hair weave but exactly what does the term ‘remy’ (or remi) actually mean?

Beware the Non Remy Hair!

When the hair is harvested from the donor, it should be cut carefully so that all the roots are kept together at one end and all the tips at the other. Some full lace hair wigs are knotted from the left over sweepings from the hairdresser’s floor and you can be sure that the tips & roots will be mixed up together. This will cause the hair to tangle and matt very quickly after just a few washings as the underlying cuticles will rub against each other and cause friction and static electricity. To prevent this the manufacturers often damage the hair by stripping off the top layer and replacing it with silicone to give the feeling of a silky straight lace wig, however, this silicone soon wears off after just a few washes and the hair will become coarse and unmanageable.

The Beauty of Natural Remy Hair

Remi hair on the other hand will have all the cuticles aligned correctly making the hair easy to comb (and finger comb in the case of a bodywave lace front human hair wig) and making it far less prone to tangling. This gives longevity to the hair so that your full lace, lace front, or extensions will maintain their natural beautiful look. And adding a touch of 100% virgin argan oil from Morocco can help keep the lustre& vitality so essential for healthy & gorgeous hair.

Remy vs Virgin – the difference!

But just because the hair is remy, it does not mean that it is 100% natural virgin human hair! It could still have been dyed or had other chemical processes done to it. Only 100% virgin human hair is completely natural. So generally, remy is better than non remy but virgin is the best of all!

Full Lace Wigs vs Lace Fronts

Both types of wigs can come with remy human hair and the choice of which to buy is entirely up to you. But whatever the style, be it a silky straight lace wig, yaki straight lace wig, kinky straight lace wig or a bodywave lace wig, deep wave lace wig, or water wave lace wig, just make sure its remy!

Remy Hair Extensions and Remy Weaves

And of course, the same goes for your hair extensions, whether you have Brazilian straight extensions, virgin Malaysian hair, Indian body wave hair or thick black Chinese hair wefts, just make sure its remy if you want the best quality!

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Isa virgin hair lace wig worth the money?

Lace wigs come in many variations, be they plain full lace wigs, afull lace remy hair wig, human hair lace front wigs or a silky, kinky or yaki straight lace front human hair wig.

But one question we get asked a lot is whether it’s worth paying a premium price for the natural hair in a virgin remy lace wig.

The answer has to be yes, yes, yes!!!

A virgin remy full lace wig or a virgin remi lace front wig will have hair knotted into it that has the following advantages:

Pure & natural

Longer lasting

Colour fast

Ability to take the colour from a dye


This is because the hair will have been collected carefully – it will have been cut from the donor and kept aligned so that all the roots are at one end and the tips are at the other (this is what is meant by 100% remy human hair).

It will also not have had any processing such as stripping the cuticles and adding silicone to keep the hair silky smooth – these soon wash out leaving the hair matted and difficult to style. It will also not have had dyes or chemicals added to alter the appearance of it. Remi locks on the other hand may have every one of the cuticles aligned effectively making the actual locks easy to hair comb (and little finger hair comb regarding some sort of bodywave wide lace entrance individual locks wig) as well as so that it is much less prone to tangling. This provides you with longevity towards locks which means your entire wide lace, wide lace entrance, or even plug-ins can preserve the pure lovely glimpse. In addition to adding a little 100% virgin argan essential oil from Morocco may help maintain your lustre& energy consequently necessary for healthful & gorgeous locks.

Remy vs Virgin – the actual difference!

Nevertheless even though the actual locks can be remy, no mean that it's 100% pure virgin individual locks! It could possibly however are actually dyed or even had additional element functions performed for it. Simply 100% virgin individual locks is very pure. Thus normally, remy surpasses no remy although virgin is the best of most!

Complete Wide lace Wigs vs Wide lace Methodologies

As long as you take proper care of the full lace or lace front wig by not washing it in very hot water, only finger combing waves, and particularly by not using unsuitable hair products on it, wigs made from 100% virgin remy human hair will last a long longtime.. We particularly recommend using salt free shampoos & conditioners and putting back the natural oils by using a little 100% pure virgin argan oil from Morocco.

So, yes, yes, yes, although a virgin lace wig will cost you more to buy in the short run it will not only save you cash over time but will maintain its beauty for so much longer with proper care & maintenance.

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Lace Wig Truth - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

So, you buy some human hair lace front wigs and you think your troubles are over for ever! Wrong!

You bought a yaki straight full lace wig because you thought it would be so much easier to maintain that a yaki lace front wig? Wrong!

You went for a full lace remy human hair wig because you were told that you wouldn’t have to spend so much time looking after it? Wrong!

A Malaysian virgin full lace wig will be oh so much less tangle free than a Brazilian bodywave? Oh dear!

The hard truth is that no matter whatever full lace wigs or lace front human hair wigs that you buy, its still an extension to your own hair and as such you’ll need to pay as much attention to it as if it were your own. Keeping your lace wigs looking natural and feeling good will require some effort on your part. Many of us think that getting rid of the yaki weave or the brazilian wefts will be the dawn of a new era, our liberation for years to come. I’m afraid that in the words of the old song, its not necessarily so!

A body wave lace front is still a hair extension system and all systems still have their own particular pros & cons. However, a few basic rules apply:

Buy the best quality that you can afford! A virgin remy lace wig is the most natural hair that you can buy, whether its Chinese, Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian or whatever. It will not have been processed apart from washing and the tips & roots of the hair will have been maintained in their natural alignment – this will minimize tangling.

Be careful of the treatments that you apply on the hair! Its 100% human hair (hopefully) so treat it with the same respect that you treat your own! Use only salt free shampoos & conditioners – anything else will cause your silky lace front wig to dry causing damage, you must feed the natural nutrients in the hair to maintain it in peak condition.

Wash carefully! Make sure the water is not too hot, and wash your bodywave, kinky straight, silky straight or yaki straight on a Styrofoam head to keep its shape

Never use a comb on a body wave, deep wave or water wave lace wig – finger comb only!

Do not use excessively hot styling irons to straighten a kinky, yaki or silky straight lace front.

Human hair lace front wigs can last a long time, sometimes up to 2 years as long as you keep the kid gloves on, and of course, the more care you take of your lace front the better it will look for longer.

So, you may have thought that you have left your Brazilian straight extensions or your Indian bodywave weave behind for ever, but if you mistreat your full lace wig they’ll soon be back on your head!

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