Pride and Prejudice

Thou Shall Not Judge

Love Poem

My Love towards this man is Astonishing, this fairy tale of how two came to be from confused of love, to transitioning to wishful thinking. I think of him when i walk in the rain. His daring eyes stare so passionately in my eyes. The thought of hopeless romantic aspirations. the love i have for you is eternity . Day by Day we Form Chemistry, i never want to let you go. Loving you is all that i know, i can't go a day with out you, your heart is mine.

Love poem #2

From the day we locked eyes, i knew you were the one, having a connection not only verbally but physically. My love is indescribable. The conversations we share are phenomenal. I love the way you speak to me, its music to my ears. When i think of you my heart beats rapidly. Our love grows Drastically, We are the definition of love, love eternity.

Character Analysis

Elizabeth Bennet the second daughter in the Bennet family and the most intelligent. Her admirable qualities are numerous she converses as brilliantly as anyone. Her honest virtue and lively enabled her to rise above the nonsense that pervades her class -bound and spiteful society. Elizabeth views herself as a Particular, brave woman who doesn't condone ignorance. Elizabeth must not only cope with a hopeless mother. A distant, but caring father. The two promiscuous younger sisters, and the several antagonizing women known. She must also overcome her own assumptions and mistakes towards many. Elizabeth is defensive in many cases, Such as any associations with Mr. Darcy, for example Elizabeth went of what she heard Mr. Darcy had done to Mr. Wickham But only Knew one side. Elizabeth reciprocates a respectful response from people due to her lack of communication. Elizabeth transitions from a stubborn prejudice woman to a woman trying to fix her false accusations. She is obviously blinded by the negative influence. She doesn't seek to find truth. Changing her judgement isn't even a thought until is proven wrong. Others see Elizabeth As a particular, arrogant individual. She is misunderstood, shes only the way she is because she doesn't want to be unhappy like her father is with her mother. Shes wants more than just a marriage with no type of connection or chemistry involved, she wants love her charms are sufficient to keep Mr. Darcy interested, fortunately while she gradually comes to recognize the nobility of Mr.Darcy's character. She realizes her initial prejudice against him. Then she starts to Fix the mistake. She reflected fri negative to a positive person.