Wit and Wisdom Module 1

First Grade - A World of Books

Module 1 Overview

In this module, students will explore the question: How do books change lives around the world? The children will begin by looking at museum masterpieces found in the book Museum ABC. As they look at this book, they will begin to analyze art, searching for details and finding meaning in pictures. They will continue the module, by enjoying four additional texts that will paint a picture for each student, displaying the joy and power that books bring to children everywhere. At the end of the module, students will show what they have learned by writing an original narrative story about a character that is changed in some way by books.

Vocabulary words to discuss with your child

Activities to do to reinforce reading concepts

  • Visit the town library and get a library card for your child. If they already have one, have them bring the card and pick out a new book to enjoy.
  • While reading a book with your child, ask them two important questions- What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  • While reading, ask who the characters are, what the setting is, and what is the problem and resolution.

  • Before your child goes to sleep, ask them to retell the day in sequential order.
  • Review the map of the United States with your child and talk about different states in our country.
  • Look at the pictures in the book and have them pick out all the nouns they see.
  • When reading a book, have your child pick out the character and explain how the character feels.
  • Have them explain why they picked that feeling, using details from the story.
  • When you are in the grocery store, have your children describe the fruits and vegetables they see using colorful adjectives to describe them.

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