UNIV 200

Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles Reflection


I've learned pretty similar skills last year with Professor Cates and this year with Dr. Hale now. I was always confused in Cates class throughout the whole year, never understood what he wanted from students, just like what Dr. Hale is doing in this class. The structure of this course is different than others, no rubric, not much rules, not much grading, but learning more about yourself. This class is different from last year because now I know not to be too stressed about my grades and really focus more about what I can get out of it. I've done a similar thing about doing a research paper and citing sources last year, but honestly, I didn't fully understand my paper that I was writing about. I did it just to get over with. Now, I learned the importance of doing a real research about the topic I'm writing about. It's not just about the matter of length, words, or how much you can write. It's really about if other people could understand my paper and the value of doing the research; if you don't understand the purpose of it, there's no point for other people to read your paper and waste their time. So, skills I've learned from this class are understanding your work, know what you want to get out of it, make your plan, use all the resources you have to make the best out of your work or your paper as much as you can. B.S.-ing is not an option.


How many time have I ever left class without asking one of these questions: What do you mean? What just happened? Probably no more than three times. Always, always, ask myself if I really understood what happened in class or should I just go with the flow: "oh, he might just be like Cates, never knew what he wanted from us". At first I thought, did he really say something like "drop out of college if you don't know why the f* you're here". But that's not what he really meant, right? Now, I kind of see the point he was making which was that you need to find your passion and purpose for your career. I didn't enjoy going home and still thinking about what Dr. Hale meant when he lectured the class, now I can say that I enjoyed it a little bit. He made me ask questions more often. I caught myself doing this in other class where I would ask random questions what's the purpose of something, and why does something happen, even if it's just so simply or obvious. I've actually learned how I work better. I liked blogging, because it helps my thoughts flow, and getting feedbacks from professor and peers made me learn better and become more open-minded.


I think I'm able to express my thoughts more and know what works best for me. Blogging on rampages and able to see other people's works helped me to be more confident about my work, because I hated feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Seeing that everyone's work is different, and there is no particular way to actually do it. Writing shows that everyone has different personality, ways to write, and ways to express their thoughts. This made made me feel like I can freely express my thoughts through writing. I've gained insights working with my peers by sharing thoughts and ideas. Also from Dr. Hale, with his personality and how he's not so strict with how a class should be structured, he made the classroom environment more open and let us actually learn from each other and ourselves. By not focusing too much on grades and spend more time trying to understand the purpose of the work, it makes me learn more than just doing it for grade, because if I only do it for grade, I would just do it to meet the criteria and not care much if I understand it or not; as long as it meets the criteria and I get a good grade, that's all it matters. But having us setting expectations for for ourselves is more valuable, because I learn better and know which grade I should really get.


At first, I was just really curious about how this class works. It wasn't clear to me how Dr. Hale would grade our papers, when do we turn in our works, how does he know which one is who's blog. Going to class and just listening to what he said, literally, it made my head hurt and I wasn't sure what I would really get out of this class. One of the obstacles for me in this class is that I'm not sure how I'm being judged for my grades and if I "think" I did good enough but the end result I don't get the grade I expect, should I question myself or who? Another one is writing. I've always hated and still hate writing until today. Reading and writing both are NOT my friends. I had hard time reading the New Media Readings, because I never understood the articles and could never connect dots to what we're doing in class. Explain myself in writing a "good" paper is a really difficult thing for me to do.

How I feel when I hear someone says "there's write a paper due".

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