by: Leica Rigor


For my future house design I used a program called SketchUp to design my house. My "house of the future" will be located in Mississauga, Ontario.

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I would create a green environment around my home by having a garden in my backyard and having some plants in my greenhouse. I would plant potatoes in my vegetable garden, have a sugar maple tree in my backyard and some wildflowers in my garden. I wouldn't use any pesticides or herbicides because those are harmful to the environment so I'll stick to traditional organic farming. I would use an electric-solar hybrid car as my transportation because it would have no harmful emissions and is safe and it will lessen my ecological footprint. I would have recycle bins around the house and special trash bins for disposing of chemicals, batteries and other potentially dangerous items. The endangered species that my family would sponsor at the local zoo would be the black-footed ferret because the Toronto zoo is going to reintroduce them to the wild.


The three chemicals found in my home which can be toxic to humans or pets would be detergent, furniture polish, and treated wood. Detergent is made up of the following elements: Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Sodium.
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  • Hydrogen- Group 1, Period 1, Halogen, Non-metal
  • Carbon- Group 14, Period 2, Non-metal
  • Oxygen- Group 16, Period 2, Non-metal
  • Sodium- Group 1, Period 3, Alkali metal


I will use both solar and wind power as electrical energy sources for my home because depending on the weather, I should still get electricity with no problem. When there's not enough wind to power my wind turbine, I'll just use my solar panels. When the sun isn't shining and its a gloomy day, I'll depend on my wind turbines for my electricity. My choice of energy source is sustainable for future generations because it's all renewable and has no bad impacts on the environment. A house with a lot of windows or a sunroof will make the house more energy efficient because it lets the sunlight in during the day so you don't have to turn on the lights and use up electricity. I will use energy efficient appliances all with an energuide or energy star label because they are efficient and use less electricity, saves power and reduces green house gases. I would include CFL light bulbs in my home design because they use about 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and are more efficient.


The solar panels that provide electricity for my house have been improved and researched due to space exploration.Homes across the country are now being outfitted with modern, high-performance, low-cost, single crystal silicon solar power cells that allow them to reduce their traditional energy expenditures and contribute to pollution reduction. The advanced technology behind these solar devices—which are competitively-priced and provide up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar cells—originated with the efforts of a NASA-sponsored 28-member coalition of companies, government groups, universities, and nonprofits forming the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST) Alliance. Better software for my computer has been developed due to space exploration as well. With companies like InterSense, NASA continues to fund and collaborate on other software advancement initiatives benefiting such areas as photo/video image enhancement, virtual-reality/design, simulation training, and medical applications.

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Somehow this is what I imagined the future to sound like


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