Create a blog using Blogger

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Create your blog

Sign in using your Google (school account)

  • You may need to sign in-
  • Click limited blogger profile
  • Type in your name (when asked for DISPLAY NAME)

#2. Set up & Customize your blog

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Locate Menu on left side

Click "Theme"

#3. Add everyone in our class to your READING LIST

This will mean you are following them and can see their recent post in your reading list.

#4. Posting to your blog

Post a NEW post everyday!!!!

Somedays their will be a topic and others you will have a free choice topic.

You will write 3 -5 complete sentences on your topic.

Respond-->comment on TWO friends everyday!

Responses should be 1-2 complete sentences.

Do not use the same people to respond to everyday.

**Everyday posts and response will be screenshot and put on portfolio-weebly**

*Somedays you will turn in your post and responses. to google classroom*