Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Feb. 15, 2017

What is going on?

Writing: We will introduce realistic fiction this week, first by defining “realistic” and “fiction”. Then we will study how authors have developed a realistic setting and characters to make their books great. Using these traits, we will begin to develop our own characters and settings for books we write.

Spelling Words and Grammar: black, ear, green, live, pick, such, ready, where

This week we will continue to work on apostrophe usage. Our focus will be using them within contractions.

Reading: We will use context clues to help us determine the meaning of unknown words. Specifically, we will learn how authors can include examples to help us and even explain the meaning of those unknown words. We just have to find the right places to look!

Math: This week, we will conclude our unit on measurement. We will finish our discussion of time. We will end our week with a review and assess the student’s knowledge on measurement.

Science: The student will recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky. The student is expected to measure, record, and graph weather information, including temperature, wind conditions, precipitation, and cloud coverage, in order to identify patterns in the data. We will also look at natural hazards , the weather conditions that cause them, and how they affect our lives.

This and that-

Thank you very much for all of my Valentines goodies! I am overwhelmed with love from my kids at school. Thank you so much!

I also wanted to thank Mrs. Vest, Mrs. Padua, Mrs. Valvekar, and Mrs. Murugan for taking the time to join us for National Read Aloud day! The kids and I enjoyed your stories! We had fun learning about you too!

Alert! Last week for Reading passes! Please turn them in by the 22nd!

Parents, if your child normally goes to daycare after school, but you will be picking them up from school instead, please notify the Daycare and the child’s teacher, ahead of time.


Feb. 17th K-2 Assembly

Feb. 20- Student Holiday

Feb. 22nd Six Flags logs and Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages due- Please do this, it is a class goal-

March 13-17- Spring Break

As you know, we have made it a class goal for everyone to participate in the Six Flags reading program. These kids have turned in their forms early! Yeah hoo!

Eshal, Roman, Amber, Saathvik, Evan, Aleeza, and Siya! Way to go! You are going to Six Flags!

These kids have gone the extra 4 hours and turned in their Schlitterbahn's Waves of Pages reading logs! What a fun summer the kids are earning! Evan, Ved, Siya, Saathvik, and Eshal!

Classroom Needs: 8 1/2 by 11 standard paper- any color would be wonderful, sharpies-dark colors are best.

Have a great weekend!