April & May, 2016 Newsletter

Do something wonderful, people may imitate it. ~ Schweitzer


Celebrations and Kudos

  • Wanted to put a big thank you out to Jen Douglas for all of her work on the ELA adoption committee representing our special education department! Thanks!

  • Big thank you to Melissa Charette and Sarah Wernke for presenting on the Styer-Fitzgerald program to our School Board on May 2! Thanks for doing such a great job!

  • To Deb Haddon for being creative in encouraging all of her 5th grade families to sign up for transition meetings as they loaded their child on the bus for CISPUS. :)

  • Thanks to Rebecca McGraw and Kelly Morgan for stepping in to support Vicki as she has needed to spend time away with her family this Spring. Thank you!

Dates to remember!

May 20 is the Life Skills Prom at ORLA starting at 7:00

May 26 is the Day of Champions for the day at Tumwater High School

May 25th is the deadline for getting your IEPs and Evals in for the June 1st count. If you are needing to turn in paperwork after that date, please connect with Julie or Kathy.

June 6 is the day for hand offs to the ESY teachers. We will notify you if you need to come once we have organized the list and hired the staff. :)

June 10 is the Transition Graduation at Knox. It's a great celebration!


Last call for Purchase ORDERS!!!!

The last date we are accepting purchase orders is fast approaching. If there is something that you need to purchase now, you have until May 18th to get it in!

We are past the deadline for New Referrals and Evaluations

Hi Everyone!

April 28th was 35 days. We are not in a good position to start a new evaluation for a student before the end of the school year.

If you have an emergency need to conduct an evaluation, please contact your special education director as soon as possible.

We are recommending that when you accept the referral, you make plans with the family to begin assessment in the Fall school year.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Partial Enrollment (due to Family choice)

We have been encountering families who are choosing to partially enroll their child in order to access services outside of the school setting. For example, ABA therapy from 8-11am, then the child comes for the afternoon.

Here is a recommendation for what you can share with the parent. Please tweak to meet your needs:

This is a part of the e-mail that I sent to the parent. Use what you need to out if when you are talking with your family about it.

Upon review of District Policy 3121, which references state law, parents of a part-time student are required to have their child enrolled in an approved private school, enrolled in an educational center, or signed up for home-based instruction for that portion of the school day the child is not attending school in the District.

If you intend to continue to have your child attend school in the District part time, you will need to complete the part-time enrollment paperwork. We will develop an IEP to match this shortened time frame. We will also make a note of this in the PWN.

If you would prefer to have your child attend school in the District full time, please let me know as the District stands ready to implement your child’s full-time IEP.

Transportation Tab

Please be sure to utilize the "TRANSPORTATION Tab" in the demographics section for any updates to special transportation.

When to fill out the form?

1) For new requests of special transportation.

2) A student that is already on a special bus, but is transitioning to a new building

What to do if the special bus is no longer needed?

* Let your SSC know to update the spreadsheet

* E-mail your director or Cyndie so we can update that

We are aiming for accuracy by June 3 so that we can submit this list to transportation.

LRE settings

It is critical that you are accurate with your 2nd setting if the student is transitioning to a new school or program next year.

Preschool: 600

Elementary: 1760

Middle School: 1810

High School: 1775

Transition programs: 1710

Please double check your service minutes and LRE for your IEPs prior to sending it down to our office.


August/September transition plans

FYI: You will be putting this in the Modifications section under supports. Select the date that your student will be participating in a transition opportunity to their new setting.

Please be sure to send this "heads-up" information to us so that we can plan for this. Let us know if you and/or a para will be providing this service.