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Austin Brinning Editor-In-Cheif

Think Before You Eat

You know when deciding what to eat we should consider who picks, processes, and transports the products. If you don't you could be eating food that is filled with germs! An example would be if a factory slaughters pigs and one of the pigs are infectious then they slaughter another pig which is health and clean with the same utensils as the pig with the infectious meat then it could be getting in the good meat witch could be making its way to your table. An another example would be if your meat is not packaged well and it was put in the back of a very dirty semi or a delivery truck and germ get into your un packaged meat. This is why you should think where your food came from before you eat it.

Did you know that back in the gilded aged that they didn't even worry where their food came from! Non of them even worried if their food was rotten or if it had food poising all they cared about is if they had food to eat after their hard day of work. Even the food produced were in on this terrible act if there was infectious meat they would put it up for sale in the grocery stores as special meat but made people pay more for worse meat then they could get for a cheaper price for better deal, What terrible people. Also in the factory's they would use the same utensils all day long slaughtering cows and pigs even if the were infectious meat or not which could make the non infected meat get infected because of the dirty utensils they use. Just think how dirty the food would have been back during the gilied age.

Dear Future Citizens of America,

Dear Future Citizens of America,

Did you know that women fought for women's right to vote for almost 100 years! That is longer then most peoples live span. Some acts of courage we did were marching through the streets in a parade and stood outside the white house with signs and flags trying to try and encourage the courts to pass the law for women to have the right to vote. One of the signs said " Have you forgotten your sympathy with the poor Germans because they were not self-governed? 20,000,000 American women are not self -governed, take the beam out of your own eye." We hoped that if we took the president words and put in on a sign that he would brake and pass the law.

We were wrong. We were raided one day by the police when we were standing outside the white house protesting, we did nothing wrong. This was one of the most horrible thing that had ever happened to e first it was the group of women that were arrested before us that also did nothing now it is us. At first I was rejecting to eat put later one day they took me into a room tied me to a chair plugged my nose until I opened my mouth and when I opened my mouth they put a tube down my throat and forced feed me with rotten eggs then they would take the tube out of my throat and I would throw up. My throat was sore after all of this force feeding it happen every day once a day till my time was up. We all got out of prison and the law went to court and you'll never guess what happened next. It was passed for women's right to vote the 19 amendment was passed on Aug. 18, 1920.

Sincerly, Alice Paul

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We Own This Government

This political cartoon represents capitalism. The reason it represents capitalism is because Rockefeller is an oil company and it looks like in the picture that the owner of the company is holding the white house in his hand and there is money coming out of the bottom and there is oil cans all over in the background and also oil factory's under his neck and chin. The reason it represents capitalism is because it looks like they can run the government even thought they don't listening to any of there expectations.
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The Take Over of Queen Liliuokalani

Early one Monrning in 1891 King Kalakaua died and now his mean evil sister who is now knowned as Queen Liliuokalani is now the ruler of the American territory Hawaii. In January 1893 the evil Queen Liliuokalsni planed to restore the power of the Hawaiian monarchy. She belived that her kind brother the old king Kalakaua had bad intentions and she thinks that she would make things better by taking away the Bayonet Consitution so she did. Then one morning 94 boatload of American marines came to the sore line of Hawaii next to the castle the the Queen was living in and amed their big startling machien guns and cannons at the castle asking the Queen to surender. In the end the Queen surendered and that ended the monarchy in Hawii.
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Lend as the Fight, Buy More Liberty Bonds

The purpose of this propaganda poster is to make you fell bad for the solders so you will buy liberty bonds to get more materials, food, and clothing for the solders during war.

1890s-1920s Classifids

The Home Front

Citizens of the United States received liberty bonds from the government to help pay the war of. The War Industries Board was one of the Most powerful boards during World War 1 it had all authorities to the materials in the war. Herbert Hover asked Americans at home to take part in planting vegetables in victor gardens, he also asked people to take part in heatless Mondays. About 1 million women entered the workforce during WW1. The propaganda posters, newspapers, stories, and speeches tried to influence people opinions on the war. One of the worst sabotages that happen during this time was when German's planted a bomb at a ship-loading terminal in New York City. The Sedition Act made it so Americans couldn't make fun of the U.S government or military. The Schenck v. United states violated the 1st Amendment but it still expanded the limits of free speech in the U.S. During the sort time that the board was in operation it handled some 1,200 cases. Herbert Hover led the food administration with the slogan "Food Can Win the War".

The Great 20s

What would we have done with out the 1920s, we wouldn't have sound in our T.Vs or our movies. We also wouldn't have radio's. If you think about it we use all of these things every day. The first sound movie that was produced by Darryl F. Zanuck, and this movie was called The Jazz Singer. Another famous sound cartoon show the came out during this time was Steamboat Willie. This was the first movie that Micky Mouse made his appearance. Radio's in 1922 had over 600 radio stations that you could listen to. On average the cost of a radio player cost around $6.

Babe Ruth revived his most attention during the 1920s. He made it to the world series 5 time during his 15 year span of playing in the MLB. At these world serious he hit 6 home runs had 13 RBIs (runs batted in) and .467 at bat percentage. He also pitched in two of the these games. He pitched a 2.01 ERA (earned run average) and had 15 strike outs.

Another part of the 1920s that were popular was performers and musicians. A famous musician during this time was Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was famous for his jazz playing on his trumpet, he was also know for how he puffs out his cheeks and blow into his trumpet. Another famous musician is Duke Ellington. Duke Ellington was famous for being a composer, pianist, and a bandleader of jazz orchestras.

The Amazing Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was a fantastic baseball player. He played for the Orioles, Red Socks, and the Yankees. In his 1921 season he hit 59 home runs drove in 171 RBI's, scored 179 runs and had a batting average of 0.376. This was his best batting season of his career. Sine Babe Ruth was such a good hitter he was later elected into the Hall of Fame.

The Great Massachusetts