Clemson University

"The engagged college with a personal touch"


There are many requirements to get into Clemson University. They will look at your class standing, so where you stand in your class, like what your class rank is. SAT or ACT is an important test that this college will look at, including the writing test. High school cirriculum is also looked at, so what classes you took during High school. You will need 4 English credits, 3 Math credits, 3 Lab science credits, 3 Foreign language credits, 3 Social science credits, 2 other credits, 1 Physical education credits and 1 Fine Arts credits. They will also look at your grades and your GPA. Your choice of major is also looked at.

Extracurricular Activites

Clemson University has a lot of programs and extracurricular activites to offer. They have over 400 different organizations to choose from and join. A popular thing is sororites at this school, they have a ton you can join. Some sports at this school include; Running, Football, Baseball, Field Hockey, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Swim teams and Tennis. They have politic clubs to choose from, like the Republican and Democrat club. They offer many church organizations from all sorts of christan church views. Young LIfe is also a big thing at Clemson which im interested in.


The school is located in South Carolina in a town called, Clemson. The school has the same name as the town. The location is nice in this area, its in a safe place and the town is connected. The town is quite small but its still a very nice town. The school colors are purple and orange. The mascott is a Tiger. This school overall is one of my top 5 that i would really like to go to.
What are the requirements to get into this school?

The requirements are based on your grades, activites you did in highschool, class rank, and a certain amount of credits for each subject; See thesis #1

What activities and programs are offered at this school?

Many extracurricular activities are offered and over 400 different clubs; See thesis #2

Why are you considering this college?

I really like the location of this college, and atmosphere.

What may people not know about this college?

This college has a lot to offer.

Where is this school located? What is the school motto?

This school is located in South Carolina and has many mottos; See thesis #3

What components make up this school? Is there a graduate program? What sort of colleges are inside this university?

There is a lot to this school and it does have a graduate program. There are many other colleges inside this school.

What is the history of this school? Are there any notable alumni?

The founder is Thomas Green Clemson, yes there is alumni at this school.