January 24th, 2014

5th Grade nEwsLETTER

Math with Mr. Leipprandt


We are almost to the end of our large fraction unit. We took a test before break over equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, mixed and improper fractions, and long division. We are currently learning how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Next with fractions, we will learn how to multiply and divide them. We will have another fractions test in the next few weeks, so be looking for a study guide coming home. Also, we will be having a oral quiz on multiples of six next week, so please help your child study.

Science with Mrs. McClintic

In science we have been working on the systems of the human body, specifically the skeletal and muscular systems. We have put together models of skeletons and learned the scientific names of the bones and muscles. We will continue to work on the main systems of the body and then the students will be assigned a particular system to research and present to the class in a group.

Just a reminder that the Science Fair is going to be held on Tuesday, February 25. If you have not turned in your parent permission slip yet, please do so and thanks for your participation! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Reading with Mrs. Fuhrman

In reading next week, we are going to be finishing up our theme: A New Home. We have been working on comprehension strategies such as asking questions when we are reading and see if they can be answered. We are also learning how to sequence. What happened first, next, then, finally. Look for a study guide to come home sometime next week. **A/R points are due Jan. 31st. They need 7 points for the last two months. A note was sent home last week informing you of how many points they have. Let me know if you need this information again.

Social Studies with Miss Lange

In Social Studies, we are continuing our explorers unit as we wrapped up Christopher Columbus’s discoveries. We are now moving onto Hernado Cortes’ accomplishments and the fall of Tenochtitlan. Students will be learning not only the accomplishments of these explorers, but how it affects us today and what we gained because of their expeditions.

Vocabulary Words

These will be the vocabulary words for January 27th-February 7th. The test will be on February 7th.

accommodate, achieve, circumstance, decline, exclude, illustrate, minimize, neutral, temporary, capacity

Remember that we are not doing spelling tests (correct spelling) for these words, but are focusing on the understanding of these words. Students will be tested on knowing the correct definitions for these words.

Report Cards

Due to the amount of snow days recently, report cards will be coming home on January 31st. During the next week, all students have been given all missing assignments and have also been given extra class time to complete these assignments. All missing work needs to be turned in by Wednesday morning, the 29th, to count on report cards.

Upcoming Events

1/24/14 Marking period ends. Due to snow days, this will be extended a week and report cards will be sent home on January 31st.

2/13/14 Valentine's Day Party-See section below for details.

2/14/14 No School- Teacher Professional Development Day

2/17/14 No School- President's Day

2/25/14 Science Fair

Valentine's Day Party

January 23, 2014

Dear Parents,

Our class will be having its Valentine’s Day party on February 13th at 2:00. We will be having food and drinks, distributing valentines, a box competition, and playing games. I have attached a class list on the back of this page for the students’ valentines.

There will be 5 box categories that the kids will have to choose from. They will be able to enter their box in only one of the following categories: Original/Unique, Sports, Foods, Cutest, or Cartoon Character. Hope you have fun helping your child come up with a creative idea.

If you are willing to help supply something for our party, please email your child's classroom teacher verifying what you will bring.

The classroom party will need:

Cookies or Cupcakes


Healthy Foods (Fruit or Veggie Tray)