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What's New in Ms. Marshall's Class?

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Student of the Month

The focus for the last month's awards was on striving for improvement. We all have room to improve, myself included, and Kaleb and Samantha have been examples to the rest of us this month; their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

In other award news, I got an award too. I was nominated by the staff at CMS for the California League of Middle Schools teacher of the year award. I went to a dinner where I spoke about what I have learned from my students and I won the Region 4 Teacher of the Year Award. At the end of February I will be going to a conference in Sacramento where I will be judged at the state level against ten other finalists. I am really excited to be spreading the word about what a great place CMS is.

The Student of the Month Awards for January will be related to grades, since the semester is ending and final grades are being given. For those of you who are new to middle school, the grade book closes for the first semester and a brand new grade book begins for the second semester. This means that each and every student has a fresh start! Any mistakes from the first semester are wiped away and all students are given a clean slate. Let's all set some goals for improvement in the new year, share those goals and support each other in our efforts to meet or achieve those goals.

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Field Trip to the California Academy of Sciences

Lady Panthers Basketball

The girls had a great season and I really enjoyed getting to go to a few of their games.
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Learning to Identify the Theme in English

Mick, Jaziah, Xavior, and Deveon discuss their ideas about characters, conflict, plot, and theme.
Hexagonal thinking

Play it Forward

Sneaky Cards

This is a card game that involves random acts of kindness, as well as mixing it up and interacting with new people.

How to Play: Your mission, should you choose to accept it: become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. Inside each box is an interactive scavenger hunt that will inspire creativity and reward audacity. The fun is ever-expanding, but it all starts with you - Play it forward! from

I am all about the people to people connections and spreading kindness, so when I read about this game on Upworthy, I had to get it. As an added bonus, you can register your deck of sneaky cards online. When someone gets a sneaky card and they register it, a pin will be added to my map. I am excited to track how far our little game of pleasant surprises will go. Even if it remains within the halls of CMS, I am happy to observe the fun kids are having meeting people and spreading fun along with a few random acts of kindness.

Classroom Economy

Our classroom economy will be going live at the start of the second semester. There are a few new jobs that have been added and these positions are described in the slideshow below (Jobs). At the end of the slideshow there is a link for students to submit their job applications online. We have re-purposed a behavior management app, Class Dojo, to make it work like a bank account. A student's job is to come to school every day and work hard. Like an adult earns money for doing their job, students earn money in the same manner. Students receive credits and debits to their accounts for various duties related to their "job" of being a student. They can spend money that accumulates in their "bank account" in the student store.

Important Dates:

Friday January 22nd is the last day of the semester and is a minimum day with a 12:45 dismissal time.

Classroom Donations

Old phones: If you, or someone you know, got a new phone during the holidays, please consider deleting all of your information from your old phone and donating it to our classroom. We will be using them to scan QR codes, practice mindfulness using the mindful life app, and to document our learning with student photos/videos

Student store items: Snacks, school supplies, tape

Our Donors Choose: We are trying to get 10 Chromebooks for our classroom. Right now Carquinez Middle School has a total of 25 Chromebooks that are shared among 12 teachers. These 10 Chromebooks would make a huge difference in our classroom. Please help us get this project funded by clicking on Donor's Choose and donating or sharing our project.