Endeavour Library Newsletter

November 2017

Maternity Leave

I will be out on my maternity leave from November 30 - February 23, returning on Monday, February 26th. I will be sure to send pictures of baby Walter Skosky to staff and many students are already asking that I send pictures so feel free to share anything I send with your classes! Amy Cromwell will be my long term substitute. She substituted for Elizabeth last year so I am confident things will run smoothly until my return :)

Hour of Code

During the month of December, students in grades 1-5 will be participating in the Hour of Code during their library time. This worldwide event is sponsored by Code.org and is a great way to introduce students to the fun world of coding.

What's Happening in the Library - Expanded Edition!

Second Step - Book Connections

Technology Tips!

Planboard for Lesson Planning

Planboard is a lesson planning app that is free to individual teachers. It allows you to create and access your lesson plans anywhere and easily share them with colleagues. Templates are available that allow you to attach documents, videos, pictures and files. Everything saves and can be used from year to year!

Blended Play Game Creator

Blended Play is a free online portal where teachers of any subject and grade level can create games to review material. There are currently four games that teachers can select from including Mountain Climber, Viking Fleet, Sushi Takeover, and Space Sale. The games are played by teams of students and no devices are needed. The game is projected for all students to see and you can decide if you want the questions to be displayed along with the game or if you would prefer to read the questions out loud and only display the game.

Using Comic Creations in Elementary Schools

Makebeliefscomix.com is totally free, but the site has somewhat limited graphics. It’s drag and drop, easy to move, resize, or delete the options. The kids pick it up rather quickly and have a blast with it. Also, the children don’t need to make an account. It is also available as an iPad app. The website also allows you to write in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese!

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