Song of the Pearl (end of the book)

"Waves" by Mr.Probs

"Waves" Lyrics

My face above the water
My feet can't touch the ground
Touch the ground, and it feels like
I can see the sands on the horizon everytime (everytime)
You are not around

I'm slowly drifting away (drifting away)
Wave after wave
Wave after wave
I'm slowly drifting (drifting away)
And it feels like I'm drowning
Pulling against the stream
Pulling against the stream

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)

"Waves": Song of the Pearl"

The Song of the Pearl, is a song we often hear at the end of the book, The Pearl. When Kino hears this song it possesses him and brings evil over him. He hears this song all day long at the end of the book, because he has hurt so many people by discovering this pearl. Overall this Pearl portrays evil and turns Kino into a man, he's not.

Like the Song of the Pearl, "Waves has similar characteristics. When the pearl possesses Kino he drifts away from everyone else. Like in "Waves" when it says, were drifting away. When Kino does one bad thing it continues to more and more. Like in "Waves" when it says wave after wave and wave after wave. It's continues crises that push Kino away.

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