stop cyberbullying

being a buddy is easier than being a bully

what is cyberbullying

cyberbullying is bullying that takes place on an electronic device such as a cell phone, computer, tablet,and etc...

examples of cyberbullying

rumors, mean text, posting mean statements, exposing personal things, and fake profiles are all examples of cyberbulling.

differences between cyberbullying and bullying

unlike bullying cyberbulling can happen any time of day.

cyberbulling can be done without anyone knowing who did it.

after sending rude comments or posting a embrassing picture difficult to delete or remove.

effects of cyberbulling

  • skipping school
  • use of drugs
  • use of alcohol
  • lower self esteem

prevention and awareness

  1. always be aware what your kids are doing on soical media
  2. make rules for internet use
  3. understand the school rules
  4. know what accounts your child has
  5. know the password and user name

establishing rules

  1. be specific as to what site they can and cannot use
  2. don't post inappropriate or faul pictures
  3. dont share or make your passwords easy.

reporting cyberbulling

  • to the school
  • the parents of th bully
  • law enforcement

report to your online service provider

review the site terms and conditions.

visit social media site saftey.

report to ypur local law enforcement

  • thearts of violence
  • child pornography or sending sexuall explict pictures or messeages

report to your school

the school can use information to help prevention or help pass a law