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Prime Renovations Founded in 2004

Prime Renovations

Jeff Streich founded Prime Renovations in 2004. The company is a design-construction firm that serves the New York City area. The company performs both residential and commercial renovation projects. Prime Renovations is licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Prime Renovations started its own blog in 2010. As of 2013, Prime Renovations has been in business for 9 years and Jeff Streich has been in the construction business for 15 years

Prime Renovations Owner has 15 Years Contractor Experience

Prime Renovations is a design and contractor firm that serves the New York City area. The company was founded in 2004 by Jeff Streich, who already possessed years of experience as a general contractor. He knew he could successfully go into business for himself because of his personal integrity, and also because of his personal dedication to quality. Once Prime Renovations was founded, it did not take long before he started gaining clients, and their referrals grew his business.

By 2013, the founder of Prime Renovations possessed plenty of general contractor experience. He had been in the business for 15 years. In 2013, Prime Renovations was celebrating its ninth anniversary as a renovation business. Prime Renovations was designed to be a full service company. There are many services offered by Prime Renovations, and the company has performed many high-end renovations in New York City.

Prime Renovations is a member of the Better Business Bureau. The company’s rating was increased from an A to an A+ for multiple reasons, the most notable being that the company has never had a customer complaint. Prime Renovations’ customers have been thrilled with the outcome of their work, and recommend Prime Renovations to any friends and family who have considered renovation projects.

Prime Renovations performs just about any service. As a full service general contracting firm, Prime Renovations is licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs, and the owner is an EPA Certified Lead Renovator. This is important because many of the buildings and apartments Prime Renovations is hired to renovate were built while lead paint was commonly used. Prime Renovations is capable of everything from complete gut renovations to simply adding a fresh coat of paint to liven up a room. More extensive services include architectural services, sheetrock, millwork, and plaster services. There are many services Prime Renovations can do.

Prime Renovations A+ Rated

Prime Renovations was founded by Jeff Streich in 2004. When he founded his company, he wanted to run his business with integrity. He wanted to provide the highest quality service while being honest with clients about the entire renovation process. His business model and ability to perform quality work has led to a string of happy customers. Not once has a customer complained about Prime Renovations work or services to the Better Business Bureau.

While Prime Renovations was founded in 2004, the company did not join the Better Business Bureau until October of 2009. The company has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB since then. There are a number of factors that led to Prime Renovations’ A+ rating. Several of the reasons Prime Renovations is rated A+ include: length of time Prime Renovations has been in operation, lack of consumer complaints filed with the BBB, and scope of available background information about the business. Prime Renovations is very happy with their A+ rating, and is thrilled that there have been no unsatisfied customers.

With their focus on quality and integrity, Prime Renovations should have little trouble keeping future customers and clients happy. Since October of 2009, Prime Renovations has been a BBB accredited business, and since that time there have been no customer complaints. Many of the projects performed by Prime Renovations have been high-end projects in the New York City area, which take considerable time and money. However, Prime Renovations works with professional subcontractors, and all work completed is top quality. Prime Renovations is a company that shoots for excellence.

Prime Renovations aspires to maintain their A+ BBB rating. They hope to continue their reputation for professional quality service. Prime Renovations serves the New York City area. Whether the projects are large or small, Prime Renovations hopes to be the company people trust.

Prime Renovations is EPA Certified

Many people are focused on the environment and on ways to keep people healthy. When it comes to the construction business, clients want to be sure they are working with a company trained and educated about remaining safe and environmentally friendly. In the case of Prime Renovations, many of the locations the company is hired to renovate were built and remodeled before the use of lead paint became illegal.

Prime Renovations is EPA certified and its owner, Jeff Streich, is EPA certified for lead paint removal. There have been many negative health effects as a result of lead paint, including lead poisoning. Since Prime Renovations performs complete gut renovations, the risk of encountering lead paint remains high. However, Prime Renovations is certified in lead paint removal, so they know how to work with lead paint, and how to dispose of it safely.

Prime Renovations has been in operation since 2004. The company is also accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating. Many clients have been more than satisfied with their home renovations. The bulk of Prime Renovations’ work has been residential, but the company has also performed commercial work. Prime Renovations is the perfect company for first time renovators because of their open communication policy. The owner of Prime Renovations is known for his quality work and personal integrity.

There are many services provided by Prime Renovations. In terms of lead paint, the company can do complete gut renovations and rebuild walls. Prime Renovations also offers plaster and paint services. Flooring, millwork, and moldings are also performed by Prime Renovations.

For those living in the New York City area, Prime Renovations comes highly recommended by former clients. The company’s work is high quality and the owner is an excellent communicator. Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations drives Prime Renovations. The company is certified to deal with hazards such as lead paint, in order to protect customers and their families.

Prime Renovations is Well-Insured

Every credible professional and contractor needs to be licensed and insured. If you are looking for a general contractor, ensuring that the contractor has a current license and adequate insurance is important. Otherwise, you could be entrusting your construction project to someone who has no clue what they are doing. Fortunately, the owner and founder of Prime Renovations is licensed, insured, and experienced. In 2013, the owner of Prime Renovations possessed 15 years of experience in construction and renovation.

The contractor for Prime Renovations is owner Jeff Streich. He is EPA certified for lead paint, and has his home improvement license. Unlike many other renovation and construction firms, Prime Renovations has a liability insurance of five million dollars. Most companies do not have that much in liability insurance. As a renovation company, this means Prime Renovations is well-protected.

Prime Renovations is a company dedicated to integrity and quality. The company has been hired to complete many high-end renovation projects in New York City. The company serves the New York City and Hamptons area, and many of their new customers come from the referrals of previous clients. Many clients have been more than satisfied with their renovation results. Often, Prime Renovations’ work is sleek and modern, with a new-age look many in New York love.

Prime Renovations works with clients to determine the look they want. The company provides many services, from rebuilding walls to complete cut renovations. Prime Renovations also paints, plasters, and floors. As a full service general contractor, Prime Renovations can breathe new life into any room. So if you are looking for a quality design-construction firm in the New York City area, Prime Renovations is ready to meet with you. The company has had many satisfied customers, and has an online portfolio so that potential clients can sample the beautiful work completed by Prime Renovations.

Prime Renovations Founded in 2004

Prime Renovations may still be considered a new company to some, but the company already has a well-established reputation. The company was founded in 2004 by Jeff Streich. A general contractor with years of experience already under his belt, Prime Renovations was the company he envisioned would complete many beautiful renovation projects in the New York City area. To date, many clients have been satisfied with the work performed by Prime Renovations.

Like many new companies, Prime Renovations uses the internet and social media to inform potential clients about their services. Through the company’s own website, potential clients can catch a glimpse of some of the work completed by Prime Renovations. Prime Renovations also uses social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Prime Renovations is EPA certified and has more liability insurance than most other renovation companies. In 2009, Prime Renovations became a Better Business Bureau accredited business, and so far has maintained an A+ rating. While the company is just shy of a decade old, the company is professional both in quality of work and professional affiliations.

There are many professional services provided though Prime Renovations. The company can perform just about anything their client needs. The bulk of Prime Renovations’ business is residential, but they are licensed to perform commercial renovations, and have done so in the past. Services provided by Prime Renovations include: complete gut renovations, bathrooms and kitchens, build outs, flooring, sheetrock, custom millwork, moldings, design, and architectural services.

Many clients have trusted their bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room renovations to Prime Renovations. The company has helped many lofts and apartments in New York shed their old dingy looks, and create new, clean, and modern looks. In many cases, Prime Renovations accomplishes this with new floors, paint schemes, and lighting. Many of Prime Renovations’ clients would recommend their services to friends and family, and Prime Renovations posts pictures of their completed works on their online profile.

Prime Renovations has Press Coverage

Sometimes, being recognized as a company that performs high quality work is good enough. Maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB is great. Having clients recommend your work and refer others to your company is fantastic. Prime Renovations has had a fantastic nine year run, ever since it was founded in 2004. By 2013, Prime Renovations had performed many high-end renovation projects around New York City, and received media attention from multiple sources.

The first time Prime Renovations was mentioned in the media came in 2004. An article about Prime Renovations appeared in the October 2004 issue of Home Magazine. As a renovation company, this majorly helped to promote Prime Renovations’ business reputation.

The next time Prime Renovations received public attention came in 2006. The company was featured on ABC’s “The View.” Prime Renovations was on air in December of 2006. The following year, Prime Renovations received media attention twice. The first time occurred in May of 2007, when Prime Renovations was featured on HGTV’s “Designer Challenge.” In June of 2007, Prime Renovations featured in In Touch Weekly.

Prime Renovations was featured again in May of 2010, this time in an issue of New York Spaces. The 2010 article was the most recent article written about Prime Renovations. However, the company has done a fantastic job of keeping themselves and information about the company updated on their website and company blog. While the information may be short and sweet, readers and interested customers can get a glimpse at Prime Renovations’ recently completed work, and any work the company plans to start soon.

Prime Renovations has been honored to have had media attention. Many companies are around for years and never receive the coverage Prime Renovations has already received. The company hopes their websites, blog, and social media usage will attract future business.

Blog Follows Prime Renovations’ Work

In terms of running a business, Prime Renovations takes great pride in quality. The company maintains a strong focus on integrity and the business owner maintains a strong line of communication between himself and his clients. Founded in 2004 and only nine years in business, Prime Renovations has completed work for many satisfied customers, and the bulk of clients have recommended Prime Renovations to friends and family.

Prime Renovations created their business blog in November of 2010. The first series of pictures featured on Prime Renovations’ blog was a gut renovation performed in a New York City apartment. From there, the company blog features articles related to more work performed by the company, or interesting bits of material related to the construction and renovation industry.

Clients who know they want to change a room of their house or apartment, but aren’t sure what to do, can rely on the design services of Prime Renovations. A great benefit of offering a company blog like Prime Renovations’ blog is that potential customers are able to look through previous work performed by the company. Guests to the site can check out colors, light features, and more to determine what style they may like to duplicate in their own space.

Prime Renovations utilizes more than a company blog to feature their work. The company also uses Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Through social media, Prime Renovations can reach out to more potential clients, beyond the ones recommended or referred by previous clients.

Prime Renovations has renovated a number of private and public spaces. No matter the project, Prime Renovations dedicates itself to the quality rework of the space. In some cases, projects are labor intensive, but the company is known for a job well done. Since joining the BBB, Prime Renovations has never had a customer complaint and maintains an A+ rating.

Quality and Integrity Integral to Prime Renovations

Prime Renovations was more of a chance creation than anything planned out by founder Jeff Streich. Jeff Streich was working as an exterior contractor when he happened to find a missing cell phone. He returned the cell phone to a stranger, who asked him if he was interested in interior work. The stranger, who owned 200 buildings in New York City, opened the path for entrepreneurship for Jeff Streich. In 2004, Prime Renovations was founded – all because its founder returned a missing cell phone.

The honesty and integrity shown by Jeff Streich was incorporated into his company. At the heart of everything, Prime Renovations remains a company of integrity. Prime Renovations is honest with clients and maintains open communication throughout the entire renovation process, so clients are aware of what is happening to their homes or place of business.

Prime Renovations tries to make the renovation process easy for clients. Renovations require any amount of work and length of time to complete. More labor intensive projects take longer, and for renovations that include gutting a structure, time, patience, and money are all important things to consider. The owner of Prime Renovations has impressive skills for managing quality control, and he impresses the importance of quality work on everyone he works with. His goal is to have each project as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

Prime Renovations is licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs, and in 2009, became accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The company maintains an A+ rating because of the length of time the company has been in business, the background information provided to the BBB, and the fact there have been no consumer complaints made to the BBB about Prime Renovations. Prime Renovations’ is a full service general contracting firm, performing everything from design and architectural services to flooring and painting services.

Design and Build Firm: Prime Renovations

Ever wondered what goes into renovating your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or other room of your home? People dream about changing the look of outdated rooms, but are not sure what it takes to redo rooms – especially more intense makeovers like kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, the level of difficulty changes, depending on how many changes are needed.

Prime Renovations has been making people’s renovation dreams come true since 2004. While the company is just shy of a decade old, the founder and owner of Prime Renovations possesses 15 years of construction industry experience. He brings to Prime Renovations the quality and integrity the company has become known for. For the last nine years, Prime Renovations has completed large and small projects.

Whether a project is big or small, many clients have been happy with the services they received.

There are a number of services completed by Prime Renovations. On the labor intensive side, Prime Renovations performs complete gut renovations. While it takes more time to get to the bare bones of the project, this also ensure that everything, from the drywall to the paint, will be fresh and new. On the lighter side, Prime Renovations performs paint and plaster services. The complete list of services performed by Prime Renovations can be found on the company’s website:

The Prime Renovations design and construction firm has a number of completed projects available for viewing on their website. The company has renovated and redone kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. While the bulk of work requested of Prime Renovations has been residential, the company is fully capable of performing commercial renovations and offers commercial services too. So if you are looking to renovate a room of your home or the look of your business, you can trust Prime Renovations. The company serves the New York City area and is licensed through the Department of Consumer Affairs.