The 3 Main Survey Research Methods

The Pros and Cons!

Self -Administered Questionnaires

A self-administered questionnaires is one of the cheapest survey that can be conducted. Its a survey that is very common. These surveys are appropriate to use especially during a sensitive issue if the survey offer complete anonymity. This survey is the fasted and also can be done on a computer or in person. They give a wide range of questions and they have different formats. Can know exactly what answers to expect.

In-Person Interviews

Can be a little costly due to how far you might have to travel. Can be the most accurate when its deals with certin issues. You gain more knowlegde and examples on the topic you are reseaching. You will always get more than what you are looking far.

Telephone Surveys

Are usually rejected. When taken seriously they are very useful. It can have you with the answers you are looking for and sometimes a little more info. These surveys takes time and patience. They are not really that expensive. Can provide you great details if you have the right questions.